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History Answers

Kahoot Answers from section(Ismlam/Muslim) section

What is the name of the ancient shrine in Mecca where pilgrims worship? Ka'aba
What peninsula is home to the beginnings of Islam? Arabian
Who were the groups of nomads that roamed the deserts and created their own religions? Bedouins
Who is the prophet of Islam? Muhammad
What does the Arabic word Allah mean? God
Muhammad and his followers fleeing Mecca to go to Medina is known as the: Hijrah
Which of the following is NOT one the Five Pillars of Islam? Hijrah
The ____ is the holy book of Islam. The _____ is a book of Muhammad's examples. Qur'an / Sunna
Abu-Bakr was the first elected leader of Islam after Muhammad. His position was known as: Caliph
How did the Muslim Empire treat the people that they conquered? With tolerance
Which empires were largely responsible for allowing the initial growth of the Muslim Empire? Sassanid and Byzantine
The division between who should become the next Caliph led to the creation of the __ & __. Sunni and Shi'a
Which wealthy family took control of the caliphate and moved the capital to Damascus? Umayyads
"People of the book" made up the third of four social classes. Who are these people? Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians
True or False: Muslim women were equal to men. False
How did Muslim scholars help save the learning of the West? They saved and translated texts.
What is calligraphy? The art of beautiful handwriting
The Comprehensive Book was written by ____. Al-Razi
Created by: Oliviab1.3