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Study norwegian 2

To study the norwegian language, stack number 2 in this series.

EnglishNorwegian (Bokmål)Notes
Cat Katt Looks like, and sounds like cat.
Bird Fugl Looks like, but does not sound like fowl.
Eat Spiser Everyone needs to eat.
Coffee Kaffe Coffee contains caffeine, which stops drowsiness.
Soda Brus Soda is a drink, alternative to water, but water is better for you.
Drink Drikke Means drink, the noun.
Food Mat Mat is both a word in English, and Norwegian, but it does not mean the same thing.
We Vi Vi, and we look alike.
Lemon Sitron Sitron has sit, & ron as a component. Ron is not a word.
Strawberry Jordbær Jordbær has æ in it.
Orange Appelsin Looks like apple in it.
Ice cream Iskrem Instead of two words in English, it is only one word in Norwegian
Breakfast Frokost The most important meal of the day.
Lunch Lunsj Lunch is in the middle of the day.
Dinner Middag At the end of the day, but in some cultures at night.
Oil Olje Both have o & l.
Elephant Elefant Looks, & sounds like elephant in English.
Bread Brød Bread and brød both begin with a b.
Drinking Drikker Add a r to drikke.
Meat Kjøtt Has ø, same letter as brød.
Fish Fisk Fish are not only food, but pets.
Mouse Mus Mus spiser ost (Mouse eats cheese) is a popular belief, but they aren't nuts about it.
Wolf Ulv Dogs come from wolf, which the wolf was domesticated, and evolved to dogs we know today.
Salt Salt Salt in Norwegian and in English is a word, and with same meaning.
Pepper Pepper Same word & meaning in both languages.
Meal Måltid Has å in the word måltid.
Dog Hund Looks like hound, but does not sound like hound.
Created by: Nitrogen7