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JLPT N3 (pt 1)

あずける (預ける) to give into custody, to entrust, to deposit
いじ (維持) maintenance, preservation
いしき (意識) consciousness, senses
いじょう (異常) strangeness, abnormality, disorder
いち (位置) place, situation, position, location
いっそう (一層) much more, still more, all the more
いっち (一致) (1) coincidence, agreement (2) conformity
いっぱん (一般) general, liberal, universal, ordinary, average
いっぽう (一方) (1) on the other hand, (2) meanwhile, (3) only, simple, in turn
いどう (移動) removal, migration, movement
いらい (依頼) (1) request, commission, dispatch, (2) dependence, trust
あたえる (与える) to give, to present, to award
あやまり (誤り) error
あんてい (安定) stability, equilibrium
いし (意思) intention, purpose
いし (意志) will, volition
いち market, fair
いはん (違反) violation (of law), transgression, infringement, breach
いらいら getting nervous, irritation
あくしゅ (握手) handshake
あてる (当てる) to hit, to apply a patch
あら (粗) defect, flaw, blemish, weak point
いきおい (勢い) force, vigor, energy, spirit
いずれ where, which, who
いぜん (以前) ago, since, before, previous
いだい (偉大) greatness
いだく (抱く) (sl) to embrace, to hug, to harbour, to entertain
いたる (至る) to come, to arrive
いっしゅ (一種) a species, a kind, a variety
いっしゅん (一瞬) a moment, an instant
いねむり (居眠り) dozing, nodding off
あいじょう (愛情) love, affection
あいず (合図) sign, signal
あいにく unfortunately, Sorry, but....
あかり (明かり) lamplight, light (in general), brightness
あき (空き) room, time to spare, emptiness
あきらか (明らか) obvious, evident, clear
あきる (飽きる) to get tired of, to lose interest in, to have enough
あける (明ける) to dawn, to become daylight
あたり (辺り) vicinity, nearby
あつかう (扱う) to handle, to deal with, to treat
あらゆる all, every
あらわす (表す) to express, to show, to reveal
あらわす (現す) to show, to indicate, to display
あらわれ (現れ) embodiment, materialization
あらわれる (現れる) (1) to appear, to come in sight, to become visible, (2) to express oneself
ある (或) a certain..., some...
あるいは or, possibly
あわ (泡) bubble, foam, froth, head on beer
あわせる (合わせる) to join together, to be opposite, to face, to unite
あわれ (哀れ) helpless, pity, sorrow, grief
あん (案) plan, suffix meaning draft
あんない (案内) information, guidance, leading
いがい (意外) unexpected, surprising
いずみ (泉) spring, fountain
いた (板) board, plank
いっしょう (一生) whole life, a lifetime, all through life
いとこ (従兄弟) cousin (male)
いね (稲) rice-plant
いふく (衣服) clothes
いらい (以来) since, henceforth
あくま (悪魔) devil, demon, evil spirit
あんまり not very, not much, remainder, rest
い (胃) stomach
いいん (委員) committee member
いちば (市場) (the) market (as a concept)
いっか (一家) a house, a home, a family, a household
いったい (一体) (1) one object, one body, (2) what on earth?, really?, (3) generally
いま (居間) living room (western style)
いりょう (医療) medical care, medical treatment
いわい (祝い) celebration, festival
いわう (祝う) to congratulate, to celebrate
いわば (言わば) so to speak
いわゆる the so-called, so to speak
あっ Ah!, Oh!
あい (愛) love
あいさつ (挨拶) greeting, salutation
アイスクリーム ice cream
あいする (愛する) to love
あいて (相手) companion, partner, company
アイロン (electric) iron
アウト out
あきらめる (諦める) to give up, to abandon
あした tomorrow
あせ (汗) sweat, perspiration
あたたか(い) (暖かい) warm, mild
あたる (当たる) to be hit, to be successful, to be equivalent to
あちこち here and there
あつまり (集まり) gathering, meeting, assembly, collection
あと (跡) (1) trace, tracks, mark, sign, (2) remains, ruins, (3) scar
あと (1) trace, tracks, (2) remains, ruins, (3) scar
あな (穴) hole
あびる (浴びる) to bathe, to bask in the sun, to shower
あぶら (油) oil
あまり (余り) not very (used as adverb), not much
あらし (嵐) storm, tempest
あらた (新た) new, fresh, novel
ありがとう (conj, exp, int) Thank you
ある (有る) to be, to have
アルバム album
あんき (暗記) memorization, learning by heart
あんなに to that extent, to that degree
いい good
よい good, nice, pleasant, ok
いえ (いえ) the same as いいえ
ゆう (言う) to say
いき (行き) going
ゆき (行き) going
いき (息) breath, tone
いきもの (生き物) living thing, animal
いくつ (幾つ) how many?, how old?
いくら (幾ら) how much?, how many?
いけない must not do, bad, wrong, not good
いし (医師) doctor, physician
いす (椅子) chair
いたずら tease, prank, trick, practical joke
いただきます expression of gratitude before meals
いただく (頂く) to receive, to take food or drink (hum)
いたみ (痛み) pain, ache, sore, grief, distress
いちじ (一時) moment, time
いちどに (一度に) all at once
いちばん (一番) best, first, number one
いつか sometime, someday, one day
いつでも (at) any time, always, at all times, never (neg)
いつまでも forever, for good, eternally, as long as one likes, indefinitely
いつも (いつも) always, usually, every time, never (with neg. verb)
いのち (命) command, decree, life, destiny
いまに (今に) before long, even now
いまにも (今にも) at any time, soon
いや (否) no, the noes
いらっしゃい welcome
いわ (岩) rock, crag
インク ink
いんさつ (印刷) printing
いんしょう (印象) impression
いんたい (引退) retire
いんよう (引用) quotation, citation
ウイスキー whisky
うわ (上) upper, outer, surface
うお (魚) fish
うがい gargle, rinse mouth
うかがう (伺う) (hon) to visit, to ask, to inquire
うけとる (受け取る) to receive, to get, to accept, to take
うごかす (動かす) to move, to shift
うさぎ (兎) rabbit, hare, cony
うし (牛) cattle, cow
うしなう (失う) to lose, to part with
うしろ (後) afterwards, since then, in the future
うそ (嘘) lie, falsehood, incorrect fact, inappropriate
うたがう (疑う) to doubt, to distrust, to be suspicious of, to suspect
うち (内) inside
うちゅう (宇宙) universe, cosmos, space
うつ (撃つ) to attack, to defeat, to destroy
うつす (移す) to remove, to transfer, to infect
うったえる (訴える) to sue (a person), to resort to, to appeal to
うなる to groan, to moan
うばう (奪う) to snatch away
うま (馬) (1) horse, (2) promoted bishop (shogi)
うまい (うまい) delicious
うまれ (生まれ) birth, birth-place
うめ (梅) plum, plum-tree, lowest (of a three-tier ranking system)
うらぎる (裏切る) to betray, to turn traitor to, to double-cross
うるさい noisy, loud, fussy
うれしい (嬉しい) happy, glad, pleasant
うれる (売れる) to be sold
うわさ (噂) rumour, report, gossip, common talk
(感) (うん) fortune, luck
うん (運) fortune, luck
うんてん (運転) operation, motion, driving
うんどう (運動) motion, exercise
え (柄) handle, grip
えいえん (永遠) eternity, perpetuity, immortality, permanence
えいきゅう (永久) eternity, perpetuity, immortality
えいきょう (影響) influence, effect
えいぎょう (営業) business, trade, management
えいせい (衛星) satellite
えいよう (栄養) nutrition, nourishment
えがお (笑顔) smiling face
えがく (描く) to draw, to paint, to sketch, to depict, to describe
えさ (餌) feed, bait
エネルギー (n) energy (de: Energie)
える (得る) to get, to gain, to win
うる (得る) to get, to gain, to win
えん (円) circle, money
えんき (延期) postponement, adjournment
えんぎ (演技) acting, performance
えんじょ (援助) assistance, aid, support
エンジン engine
えんぜつ (演説) speech, address
えんそう (演奏) musical performance
えんりょ (遠慮) diffidence, restraint, reserve
お (御) honourable
おい (老い) old age, old person, the old, the aged
おいつく (追い付く) to overtake, to catch up (with)
おう (王) king, ruler, sovereign, monarch
おう (追う) to chase, to run after
おうさま (王様) king
おうじ (王子) prince
おうじる (応じる) to respond, to satisfy, to accept, to comply with, to apply for
おうだん (横断) crossing
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