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Study norwegian 1

To study the norwegian language, stack number 1 in this series.

EnglishNorwegian (Bokmål)Notes
Child Barn Barn is a word in both in English & Norwegian, but beware. They do not mean the same thing.
Woman Kvinne Sometimes, when noun is female, ei is used instead of er.
Homework Lekser Is work done at home, hence the name homework.
Water Vann Essential to life in every country.
Bread Brød Brød has a non-English letter, which is ø.
I Jeg Unlike I in English, jeg is lowercase when not in the beginning of a sentence.
Is Er Sometimes et is used instead of er. Also, er can also mean are, or am.
It Det Det has a silent t. Also, det can also mean that.
They De The E in de is pronounced ee.
He Han Both he, & han starts with with h.
She Hun Instead of adding s in front of he, you replace the a in han with u.
Norway Norge Majority of the people that speak Norwegian live in Norway.
Norwegian Norsk Norwegian is the language being practiced.
Morning Morgen The sun rises in the morning.
Day Dag There is 1,400 (1 400) minutes in a day.
Night Natt Sometimes, you can see lunar eclipses at night.
Welcome Velkommen Welcome to this stack series of Norwegian.
To Å Å is an one letter word in Norwegian, like a in English.
Man Mann Mann looks, & sounds similar to man in English.
Created by: Nitrogen7