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18-19 Chapter 1

18-19 Chapter 1 - Exploring Social Studies

research the careful collection of information
challenge something that is difficult
calendar a system for breaking time into units and keeping track of those units
chronology order of dates in which events happen
diagram an illustration for organizing and presenting complex information.
globe a round model of the Earth
map a flat drawing of all or part of the Earth’s surface
landforms natural feature of the Earth’s land surface
relief ups and downs of the Earth’s surface
elevation the height of an area above sea level
ecosystem a community of living things and the surroundings in which they live
environment the physical surroundings
diverse having different forms or types
opportunity cost the cost of passing up the second choice when making a decision
capital human-made goods that people use to produce goods and services; also, money
entrepreneurs a person who starts and runs a business
market economy economic system in which buyers and sellers choose to do business with those who satisfy their needs and wants best
free enterprise system economic system in which people are free to control and own the means of production
tariff a tax on imports
income money received
maximize make as large as possible
credit card a piece of plastic that is used to make a credit purchase. Stores that accept the card get payment for the good or service from the credit card company. The company then collects payment from the cardholder.
naturalization the legal process of becoming a citizen
guaranteed to promise that something will take place
due process procedures the government must follow that are established by law
federal system type of government in which power flows between state and local governments and the national government
jury a group of citizens who listen to testimony and make a decision at a trial
voluntary done by choice
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