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WTI Comp Ch. 29

Mosby's Chapter 29: OTC Drugs and other Products

The only time a patient receiving Medicaid benefits is counseled about an over-the-counter (OTC) purchase is when: A physician writes a prescription for an OTC drug and the patient requests counseling before purchasing.
What are reasons that people choose to purchase OTC products? People think they can save money. Patients want to be involved in their own care. They are easier to obtain.
What concern do pharmacists have about OTC drug use? The treatment may mask a more serious health issue. Multiple medications contain the same generic ingredients.
Which organ is at risk from an overdose of acetaminophen? Liver
Which drug classifications is(are) available OTC for allergy treatment? Decongestants, antihistamines, and analgesics.
Symptoms such as itching, hives, sneezing, and itchy and runny eyes should be treated with a(n): Antihistamine
Which OTC ingredient is associated with next-day drowsiness and confusion and an increased risk of falls, particularly in older adults? Diphenhydramine
If heartburn persists longer than __________, then a physician should be consulted to rule out the possibility of an ulcer. 2 weeks
Which OTC product can be used for constipation OR diarrhea? Psyllium
What is true regarding OTC sleep aids? Many contain antihistamines and/or acetaminophen. They cause drowsiness.
What is the term for a food or a naturally occurring supplement thought to have a beneficial effect on human health? Nutraceutical
Which OTC sleep aid is an endogenous hormone that helps regulate circadian rhythms? Melatonin
Which groups are at a greater risk of medication errors with OTC products? Young children, older adults, and infants
Which drug classification may cause a patient to experience an increase in blood pressure as a side effect? NSAIDS
Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is another widely used OTC acts as an: Analgesic and antipyretic agent
The active ingredient contained in Nasacort Allergy 24HR is: Triamcinolone
Oxybutynin, which is available as an OTC product for overactive bladder: Is an anticholinergic agent, is a transdermal patch that is worn for four days, and may cause a patient to experience drowsiness, dizziness, or blurry vision as side effects
The generic name for Aleve is: Naproxen
Zaditor is available as a(n): Ophthalmic dosage form
Dextromethorphan is indicated as a(n): Antitussive
Created by: lrhamyWTI