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Chapter 10

Pivot point chapter 10 hairstyling

The process of coming wet hair into the desired position is referred to as molding or Shaping
What movement is created when two oblong shapings alternate? S -shaped
The diameter of the tool or pin curl would determine the? Size of the circle.
What is the area between partings within a shape on which a roller, thermal iron or round brush is place called? Curl base
The hair between the scalp and the first turn of the hair around the roller, thermal iron or round brush is called Stem
What part of a curl is positioned around the roller, thermal iron or round brush? Circle
The combination of the size of the base and the position of the curl in relation to the base is called Base control
The best control used within a hairstyle affects the amount of closeness in the hairstyle or the amount of left, which is also called Volume
The best control that results in the most volume and strongest bass strings is called On base ( full base)
Holding the hair 90° from the center of the base and rolling it to sit on the bottom parting results in which of the following base controls Half-off Base ( half Base)
What is the term assigned to the base control when the tool being used sits below the bottom parting of the base Off base
Which bass control is Being used when the tool sits in the lower portion of the base, but not on or below the partings? Underdirected
Hair that is held at a 45° angle above the center of the base and rolled to sit in the upper portion of the base is described by which of the following terms? Over directed ( volume base)
Using one or two cushion brushes and brushing all the way to the scalp to integrate the bases when finishing the hair is called Relaxing
What technique uses a comb to push back the shorter lengths of hair toward the base to create a cushion and add volume to the hairstyle Backcombing
A comb with closely set teeth that creates a smooth surface as it is being used is a All purpose styling comb
A tool that is effective for smoothing wavy or curly textures and adding directional emphasis when air forming is called . 7 or 9 row air forming brush
Which of the following hairstyling products adds shine and weight to the hair Pomade
Styling lotion supports volume and movement and Is of liquid consistency
Safety guidelines require the air intake of a blow dryer to be Free from debris
Use of a handheld dryer with fingers brushes pressing irons and or curling iron is called Thermal styling
Before brushing or combing the hai that has been curled with an iron, ensure the hair is? Completely cool
Rain or humidity may cause thermally styled hair to react in which of the following ways Hair returns to its original shape.
Which of the following is recommended to use for testing the temperature of a stove heated iron? Paper towel
The process of drying their hair and then styling it to create a new form is called air for me or? Blow drying
Which thermal styling tool is used to air form wet hair while using brushes, combs and fingers to create temporary direction and texture change? Blow dryer
The blow dryer attachment that focuses the airflow to a small area is called the Concentrator
Loss of hair elasticity or split ends may be caused by Excessive blow drying
What direction should blow dryer airflow point? Down the hair strand from the scalp to the ends
To reduce the potential of hair and scalp damage from heat hold the blow dryer at least 3 to 5 inches from the hair
The technique of combing airflow that dries the hair with heat that is retained in the barrel of a hot brush or comb is referred to as air waving
If a client request a temporary hair straightening service which of the following method should be used Hair pressing
Which time periods describes how long hair pressing results last Until the next shampoo
All of the following techniques describes brushing Ratting, matting, French lacing
Cone- shaped or conical rollers fit into curvature shape and allow the creation of which of the following results? A stronger curvature movement
Which of the following techniques produces a strong wave pattern? Skip wave
An oblong shaping followed by a row of pincurls is called? Ridge curl
The off base (full stem) pincurl produces which result Reduced volume
Which base control is identified as having the stem and circle position below the base and pick up line Off base (full stem)
The base control used when an equal degree of predetermined direction and volume are required is Half off base ( half stem)
Which type of base control is used to produce lifting or strong curl effect On base ( no stem)
Pin curls created from a curved shaping are called curvature or Carved curls
The base shapes of pincurls most often used are triangular, square or rectangular and crescent which is also called the? Arc
The shape of the base within pincurl is used to? Avoid splits in the finished hairstyles
What type of pin curl is used to achieve a blend or transition from area of volume to areas of closeness? Semi-stand up
What is the name given to large stand-up pincurls that are you able to achieve a similar effect to hair wound around a roller but resulting in less volume Barrel
Cascade pin curls are volume pin curls used to create which of the following results? Fullness and height
Which type of Pincurl would be selected to obtain closeness with in a hairstyle? Flat pincurls
A pin curl with an open circle has the ability to produce which of the following effects? Wider wave pattern with uniform ends
Which of the following results would be achieved by using a pin curl with a closed end Smaller and stronger wave, for a fluffy effect
What determines the width and strength of a wave? Size of the circle
Where is the stem of the pin curl located that demonstrates the direction of the curl? Between the base and the first turn
The area of the strand at the scalp between partings within a shape is called? Base
A section of the hair that forms a pincurl is commonly described in three parts as the base, stem (arc) and? Circle
Overdirection of the wave in fingerwaving may be caused by which of the following improper techniques? Pinching or pushing the ridge
The hollow of the finger waves may be described by which of the following terms? Recess
What is created by two complete oblong shapes that are joined and connected by a ridge A fingerwave
How is the majority of hair straightening accomplished during a pressing service? Pressing the spine of the come against the hair
Double processed hair requires all of the following Except High temperature curling iron
Why should having the ends of the hair protrude over the iron be avoided Fishhook ends could be the result
The comb used to protect the scalp while performing curling Iron techniques should be made of Hard rubber or non-flammable material
Thermal Iron procedures are only performed on hair that has been Dried
Hair breakage may result from which of the following actions pressing hair too often
The hair type that generally requires lower temperatures and less contact time when using an electric curling iron is which of the following Chemically altered hair
Which of the following steps would be used when performing the spiral technique? Positioning The curling iron vertically at the base.
The technique used to create a curved under or flipped up effect by adding curl texture at the ends only is referred to as a Ends technique
All of the following are true about using a thermal iron on tinted, white or very fine hair Except Highest iron temperature is used
Manipulation of thermal iron when styling involves all of the following Rolling the iron, quick clicking movement, opening and closing the clamp
All of the following are true about using a thermal iron on tinted white or fine hair Lower iron temperature is usedtowel before curling, iron is tested prior to service to prevent scorching.
The technique used to create a curved under or flipped up effect by adding curled texture at the end only is referred to as Ends technique
Curling iron barrels in order to retain heat are usually made of which of the following materials Stainless steel
The temperature of the iron is determined by which of the following factors Clients hair condition and texture
The curling iron clamp that holds the hair against the barrel is known as the groove or Shell
A hard press refers to applying the pressing comb Twice with more pressure and heat
Who was the first person to introduce thermal irons Marcel Grateau
During hair pressing, fine hair requires which of the following actions Apply less heat
What will determine the temperature used to impressing hair Texture
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