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Vocabulary Review #5

Cambridge Latin Course, Unit 2: Stages 17-20 Vocabulary Review

ā, ab, prep. (+ abl.) away from, from
adeō, adīre, adiī to approach, go up to
agmen, agminis, n. column (of people)
amō, amāre, amāvī to like, love
animus, animī, m. mind, soul, spirit
appropinquō, appropinquāre, appropinquāvī (+ dat.) to approach, come near to
āra, ārae, f. altar
arcessō, arcessere, arcessīvī to send for, summon
ars, artis, f. art, skill
audeō, audēre, ausus sum to dare
auris, auris, f. ear
bene, adv. well
benignus, benigna, benignum, adj. kind
caedō, caedere, cecīdī to kill, slaughter
caput, capitis, n. head
cārus, cāra, cārum, adj. dear
casa, casae, f. cottage, (small) house, hut
castīgō, castīgāre, castīgāvī to nag, scold, scorn, rebuke, reprimand
coepiō, coepere, coepī to begin
cōgitō, cōgitāre, cōgitāvī to consider, think
cōgnōscō, cōgnōscere, cōgnōvī to find out, get to know
collocō, collocāre, collocāvī to place, put
comparō, comparāre, comparāvī to obtain
cōnficiō, cōnficere, cōnfēcī to finish
cōnsistō, cōnsistere, cōnstitī to stand firm, stand one’s ground
cor, cordis, n. heart
crūdēlis, crūdēlis, crūdēle, adj. cruel
cūrō, cūrāre, cūrāvī to look after, take care of
dē vītā dēspērō, dēspērāre, dēspērāvī to fear for one’s life
dea, deae, f. goddess
dēmōnstrō, dēmōnstrāre, dēmōnstrāvī to point out, show
dēnique, adv. at last, finally
dēspērō, dēspērāre, dēspērāvī to despair
diū, adv. for a long time
discēdō, discēdere, discessī to depart, leave
doctus, docta, doctum, adj. clever, learned, smart
domus, domūs, f. home, house
dulcis, dulcis, dulce, adj. sweet
exanimātus, exanimāta, exanimātum, adj. unconscious
facilis, facilis, facile, adj. easy
fīlia, fīliae, f. daughter
fluō, fluere, fluxī to flow
fortasse, adv. perhaps, possibly
fōrte, adv. by chance, perchance
frangō, frangere, frēgī to break, shatter
grātiās agō, agere, ēgī to give thanks, thank
graviter, adv. seriously
haereō, haerēre, haesī to cling, stick
hasta, hastae, f. spear
hūc, adv. here, to this place
ibi, adv. in that place, there
illūc, adv. there, thither, to that place
impetus, impetūs, m. attack, strike
īnferō, īnferre, intulī, to bring in, bring on
īnsula, īnsulae, f. island
invītus, invīta, invītum, adj. reluctant, unwilling
irrumpō irrumpere, irrūpī to burst in
itaque, adv. and so, therefore
iter, itineris, n. journey
lapis, lapidis, m. stone
lātus, lāta, lātum, adj. broad, wide
libenter, adv. gladly
līberō, līberāre, līberāvī to free, set free
lītus, lītoris, n. beach, shore
locus, locī, m. place
lucrum, lucrī, n. gain, profit
lūna, lūnae, f. moon
māne, adv. (early) in the morning
manus, manūs, f. hand
maximus, maxima, maximum, adj. very big, very great,, very large
medicus, medicī, m. doctor, physician, surgeon
mīles, mīlitis, m. soldier
mors, mortis, f. death
multitūdō, multitūdinis, f. crowd, throng
nam, conj. for
neglegēns, neglegēns, neglegēns, gen. neglegentis, adj. careless, negligent
nēmō, nēminis, m./f. nobody, no one
nōscō, nōscere, nōvī to know, recognize
nox, noctis, f. night
numquam, adv. never
obstō, obstāre, obstitī (+ dat.) to block the way, obstruct, stand in the way
oculus, oculī, m. eye
pars, partis, f. part
patera, paterae, f. bowl
paucī, paucae, pauca, adj. pl. a few, few, little
perīculum, perīculī, n. danger
persuādeō, persuādēre, persuāsī, to convince, persuade, prevail upon
perveniō, pervenīre, pervēnī to arrive at, reach
pessimus, pessima, pessimum, adj. worst
petō, petere, petīvī to ask for, beg for
plūrimus, plūrima, plūrimum, adj. very many, very much
poscō, poscere, poposcī to ask for, demand
posteā, adv. afterwards
postrēmō, adv. at last, finally
praesidium, praesidiī, n. defense, protection
prex, precis, f. entreaty, prayer
prō, prep. (+ abl.) before, in front of
quō (locō)…?, interrog. adv. where…?, where to…?
quondam, adv. once, one day
recipiō, recipere, recēpī to recover, take back
recūsō, recūsāre, recūsāvī, to decline, refuse, reject
relinquō, relinquere, relīquī to leave (behind)
remedium, remediī, n. cure, remedy, treatment
resistō, resistere, restitī to resist
sacer, sacra, sacrum, adj. holy, sacred
saeviō, saevīre, saeviī to be furious, in a rage, rave
sermō, sermōnis, m. conversation, talk
sīcut, adv. as, just like, like
sine, prep. (+ abl.) without
soleō, solēre, solitus sum to be accustomed, used to, usually
somnium, somniī, n. dream, vision
sonitus, sonitūs, m. noise, sound
tam, adv. so
temptō, temptāre, temptāvī to attempt, try
tot, num. so many
umerus, umerī, m. shoulder
vēxō, vēxāre, vēxāvī to annoy, bother, harass
vīvō, vīvere, vīxī to be alive, live
vix, adv. barely, hardly, scarcely
vōx, vōcis, f. voice
vulnus, vulneris, n. wound
ūnus, ūna, ūnum (I), adj. one
duo, duae, duo (II), adj. pl. two
trēs, trēs, tria (III), adj. pl. three
quattuor (IV), indecl. num. four
quīnque (V), indecl. num. five
sex (VI), indecl. num. six
septem (VII), indecl. num. seven
octō (VIII), indecl. num. eight
novem (IX), indecl. num/ nine
decem (X), inedcl. num. ten
vīgintī (XX), indecl. num. twenty
trīgintā (XXX), indecl. num. thirty
quadrāgintā (XL), indecl. num. forty
quīnquāgintā (L), indecl. num. fifty
Created by: JPotterFA