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WH 2

Paleolithic Era to Agricultural Revolutions

Life in early hunter-gatherer societies was shaped by what? physical environment
Homo sapiens emerged in ___________________ between 100,000 and 400,000 years ago. east Africa
Homo sapiens migrated from Africa to _________, _________, and ___________. Eurasia, Australia, and the Americas
_____ study people and how they live/lived anthropologists
people who migrated in search of food, water, and shelter nomads
Hunter-gatherers invented the first _______. tools
Hunter-gatherers learned how to make and use _______. fire
Hunter-gatherers lived in ______. clans
Hunter-gatherers developed _______ language. oral
Hunter-gatherers created _______ art. cave
What does "Neolithic" mean? New Stone Age
Societies of the Neolithic Era developed _________ (domesticated plants.) agriculture
Societies of the Neolithic Era domesticated plants and _______. animals
Societies of the Neolithic Era used advanced ______. tools
Societies of the Neolithic Era made ______. pottery
Societies of the Neolithic Era developed _______ skills. weaving
_________ study past cultures by locating and analyzing human remains, settlements, fossils, and artifacts. archaeologists
Archaeologists use _________ _________ to calculate the age of fossils and artifacts. carbon dating
An archaeological site in England that was begun during the Neolithic Era and completed during the Bronze Age was _________. Stonehenge
Early cities in the Fertile Crescent studied by archaeologists were _______ and _______. Aleppo and Jericho
Çatalhöyük is an example of a Neolithic settlement currently under excavation in _________. Anatolia.
The oldest still active city in the world Aleppo
What does "Paleolithic" mean? Old Stone Age
a man-made object artifact
creatures that walk upright on two feet hominids
The area in Eastern Africa where Australopithecus emerged Great Rift Valley
The area where the world's first cities emerged Fertile Crescent
The area where Neanderthal remains were first discovered Neander River, Germany
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