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Stage 34 Vocabulary

Cambridge Latin Course, Unit 3: Stage 34 Vocabulary Checklist (page 292)

adipīscor, adipīscī, adeptus, -a, -um sum to acquire, obtain
amplector, amplectī, amplexus, -a, -um sum to embrace, hug
auctor, auctōris, m. creator, originator
comitor, comitārī, comitātus, -a, -um sum to accompany
cōnor, cōnārī, cōnātus, -a, -um sum to attempt, try
cōnspicor, cōnspicārī, cōnspicātus, -a, -um sum to catch sight of, spy
damnō, damnāre, damnāvī, damnātus, -a, -um (sum) to condemn
dum, conj. while, until
ēgredior, ēgredī, ēgressus, -a, -um sum to depart, go out, leave, step out (of)
exstinguō, exstinguere, exstinxī, exstinctus, -a, -um (sum) to extinguish, put out, destroy
gaudium, gaudiī, n. joy, happiness
haud, adv. not, by no means, not at all
hortor, hortārī, hortātus, -a, -um sum to encourage, urge
immineō, imminēre, imminuī, imminitus, -a, -um (sum) (+ dat.) to hang over, loom
indicium indiciī, n. sign, evidence
ingredior, ingredī, ingressus, -a, -um sum to enter, go in, step in(to)
loquor, loquī, locūtus, -a, -um sum to speak, talk
modo, adv. just, only
morior, morī, mortuus, -a, -um sum to die
nāscor, nāscī, nātus, -a, -um sum to be born
obviam eō, obviam īre, obivam iī (+ dat.) to go to meet, meet
patior, patī, passus, -a, -um sum to endure, suffer
pendeō, pendere, pependī to hang, suspend
precor, precārī, precātus, -a, -um sum to beg, beseech, pray (to)
priusquam, adv. before, until
procul, adv. far, far off
proficīscor, proficīscī, profectus, -a, -um sum to set out
quasi, adv. as, as if, like
regredior, regredī, regressus, -a, -um sum to go back, return
revertor, revertī, reversus, -a, -um sum to turn back, return
sequor, sequī, secūtus, -a, -um sum to follow
tenebrae, tenebrārum, f. pl. darkness, shadows
ultiō, ultiōnis, f. revenge, vengeance
vel, conj. or (not mutually exclusive)
vestīmenta, vestīmentōrum, n. pl. clothes, clothing, garments
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