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Stage 33 Vocabulary

Cambridge Latin Course, Unit 3: Stage 33 Vocabulary Checklist (page 272)

ācriter, ācrius, ācerrimē adv. fiercely, keenly, sharply
at, conj. but
brevis, brevis, breve, adj. brief, short
certō, certāre, certāvī, certātus, -a, -um (sum) to compete, contend, vie
coniciō, conicere, coniēcī, coniectus, -a, -um (sum) to hurl, throw
contrā, prep. (+ acc.) against, on the other hand
crās, adv. tomorrow
ēiciī, ēicere, ēiēcī, ēiectus, -a, -um (sum) to throw out
et…et, correl. conj. both…and
excipiō, excipere, excēpī, exceptus, -a, -um (sum) to receive
fuga, fugae, f. escape, flight
hīc, adv. here
lēnis, lēnis, lēne, adj. gentle, smooth, soft
lēniter, lēnius, lēnissimē, adv. gently, smoothly, softly
moveō, movēre, mōvī, mōtus, -a, -um (sum) to move
nisi, conj. except, if not, unless
numerus, numerī, m. number
obstupefaciō, obstupefacere, obstupefēcī, obstupefactus, -a, -um (sum) to amaze, dumbfound, stupify, stun
odiō sum, odiō esse to be hateful, displeasing to
potestās, potestātis, f. power
rēgīna, rēgīnae, f. queen
sevērus, sevēra, sevērum, adj. severe, strict
tēctum, tēctī, n. ceiling, roof
utrum, conj. whether
utrum…an, correl. conj. whether…or
prīmus, prīma, prīmum, adj. first
secundus, secunda, secundum, adj. favorable, second
tertius, tertia, tertium, adj. third
quārtus, quārta, quārtum, adj. fourth
quīntus, quīnta, quīntum, adj. fifth
sextus, sexta, sextum, adj. sixth
septimus, septima, septimum, adj. seventh
octāvus, octāva, octāvum, adj. eighth
nōnus, nōna, nōnum, adj. ninth
decimus, decima, decimum, adj. tenth
Created by: JPotterFA