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Stage 30 Vocabulary

Cambridge Latin Course, Unit 3: Stage 30 Vocabulary Checklist (page 210)

adhūc, adv. until now
afficiō, afficere, affēcī, affectus, -a, -um (sum) to affect, overcome
ambō, ambae, ambō, adj. both (of)
cōnsulō, cōnsulere, cōnsuluī, cōnsultus, -a, -um (sum) to advise, consult
creō, creāre, creāvī, creātus, -a, -um (sum) to craft, create, make
dēmittō, dēmittere, dēmīsī, dēmissus, -a, -um (sum) to let down, lower
dīves, dīves, dīves, gen. dīvitis, adj. rich, wealthy
dīvitiae, dīvitiārum, f. pl. riches, wealth
dubium, dubiī, n. doubt
extruō, extruere, exstrūxī, exstrūctus, -a, -um (sum) to build, construct, erect
fēstus, fēsta, fēstum, adj. festive, holiday
iniūria, iniūriae, f. injury, injustice
lūdus, lūdī, m. game, play, school
magister, magistrī, m. foreman, head, leader, master, teacher
nātus, nāta, nātum, adj. (having been) born
nimis, adv. too, too much
omnīnō, adv. completely, entirely, wholly
opus, operis, n. construction, work
pallēscō, pallēscere, palluī to grow pale
pavor, pavōris, m. panic, terror
praestō, praestāre, praestitī, praestitus, -a, -um (sum) to display, show off
praetereā, adv. besides
quārē…?, int. adv. why…?
sēdēs, sēdis, f. bench, chair, seat, throne
sepulcrum, sepulcrī, n. sepulchre, grave, tomb
sōl, sōlis, m. sun
soror, sorōris, f. sister
strepitus, strepitūs, m. din, noise
tempestās, tempestātis, f. storm, tempest
timor, timōris, m. fear
Created by: JPotterFA