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Stage 29 Vocabulary

Cambridge Latin Course, Unit 3: Stage 29 Vocabulary Checklist (page 190)

aliquandō, adv. sometimes
alius, alia, aliud…alius, alia, aliud, correl. adjs. one…another; some…others (in plural)
amplexus, amplexa, amplexum, adj. having embraced
audācia, audāciae, f. audacity, boldness
carmen, carminis, n. poem, song
circumveniō, circumvenīre, circumvēnī, circumventus, -a, -um to surround
corōna, corōnae, f. crown, garland, wreath
cursus, cursūs, m. course, flight
dēfessus, dēfessa, dēfessum, adj. (having been) exhausted, tired out, weary, worn out
dolor, dolōris, m. anguish, grief, pain
ferrum, ferrī, n. iron; sword
incēdo, incēdere, incessī, incessus, -a, -um to march, stride
līberī, līberōrum, m. pl. children
lūx, lūcis, f. daylight, light
mālō, mālle, māluī to prefer
obscūrus, obscūra, obscūrum, adj. dark, gloomy
ōdī, ōdisse, ōsus, -a, -um to hate
perficiō, perficere, perfēcī, perfectus, -a, -um to complete, finish
populus, populī, m. people
prius, adv. beforehand, earlier
quiēs, quiētis, f. quiet, rest
redūcō, redūcere, redūxī, reductus, -a, -um to lead back
salūs, salūtis, f. health, safety
scelus, sceleris, n. crime
serviō, servīre, servīvī, servītus, -a, -um (+ dat.) to serve (as a slave);
sors, sortis, f. chace, lot
spernō, spernere, sprēvī, sprētus, -a, -um to despise, scorn, reject
undique, adv. from all sides, from every direction, on all sides
vester, vestra, vestrum, adj. your (plural)
vīvus, vīva, vīvum, adj. alive, living
Created by: JPotterFA