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Stage 28 Vocabulary

Cambridge Latin Course, Unit 3: Stage 28 Vocabulary Checklist (page 164)

ac/atque, conj. and
arrogantia, arrogantiae, f. arrogance, gall
augeō, augēre, auxī, auctus, -a, -um to boost, increase
beneficium, beneficiī, n. act of kindness
cōnstituō, cōnstituere, cōnstituī, cōnstitūtus, -a, -um to decide, resolve
corpus, corporis, n. body
dīligō, dīligere, dīlēxī, dīlēctus, -a, -um to be fond of, like
doleō, dolēre, doluī to be in pain, hurt
gemitus, gemitūs, m. groan
hērēs, hērēdis, m./f. heir, heiress
īra, īrae, f. anger, wrath
lingua, linguae, f. tongue; language
malus, mala, malum, adj. bad, evil, wicked
mandō, mandāre, mandāvī, mandātus, -a, -um to entrust, hand over, order
metus, metūs, m. fear
mīlle, mīlle, adj. a thousand
mīlia, mīlium, n. pl. thousands (of)
multō, adv. much
occīdō, occīdere, occīdī, occīsus, -a, -um to kill
opēs, opum, f. pl. money, resources, wealth
pallidus, pallida, pallidum, adj. pale
praeficiō, praeficere, praefēcī, praefectus, -a, -um to put in charge
quisquam, quaequam, quidquam/quicquam, pron. anyone, anything
sīc, adv. in this way, thus
solvō, solvere, solvī, solūtus, -a, -um to loosen, untie
spēs, speī, f. hope
suspicātus, suspicāta, suspicātum, adj. having suspected
testāmentum, testāmentī, n. will
ut, conj. as
ventus, ventī, m. breeze, wind
sexāgintā (LX), indecl. adj. sixty
septuāgintā (LXX), indecl. adj. seventy
octāgintā (LXXX), indecl. adj. eighty
nōnāgintā (XC), indecl. adj. ninety
centum (C), indecl. adj. a hundred, one hundred
Created by: JPotterFA