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Stage 27 Vocabulary

Cambridge Latin Course, Unit 3: Stage 27 Vocabulary Checklist (page 140)

adeō, adv. so much, so greatly
adeō…ut, adv. to such an extent that
adventus, adventūs, m. arrival
anteā, adv. before, formerly, previously
appāreō, appārēre, appāruī, appāritus, -a, -um to appear
ārdeō, ārdēre, ārsī, ārsus, -a, -um to be on fire, burn
certāmen, certāminis, n. contest, fight, struggle
comes, comitis, m./f. comrade, companion
decet, decēre, decuit it is proper, it suits
fax, facis, f. firebrand, torch
gaudeō, gaudēre, gāvīsus sum to be pleased, rejoice
ignārus, ignāra, ignārum, adj. not knowing, unaware
imperō, imperāre, imperāvī, imperātus, -a, -um (+ dat.) to command, order
incendō, incendere, incendī, incēnsus, -a, -um to burn, set on fire
īnsidiae, īnsidiārum, f. pl. ambush, trap
iocus, iocī, m. jest, joke
iussum, iussī, n. command, order
manus, manūs, f. band (of men)
noceō, nocēre, nocuī, nocitus, -a, -um (+ dat.) to harm, hurt
occurrō, occurrere, occurrī, occursus, -a, -um (+ dat.) to meet
ōsculum, ōsculī, n. kiss
praeceps, praeceps, praeceps, gen. praecipitis, adj. headfirst, headlong
praemium, praemiī, n. prize, reward
proximus, proxima, proximum, adj. nearest
quālis, quālis, quāle, adj. what kind of, what sort of
silentium silentiī, n. silence
sub, prep. (+ abl. or acc.) beneath, under
tacitus, tacita, tacitum, adj. quiet, silent
taedet, taedēre, taesus, -a, -um (+ acc. and gen./inf.) to be bored, tired, weary
tantus, tanta, tantum, adj. so great, such a great
Created by: JPotterFA