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Stage 25 Vocabulary

Cambridge Latin Course, Unit 3: Stage 25 Vocabulary Checklist (page 104)

accidō, accidere, accidī (+ acc. and inf.) to befall, happen (to), take place
aliquis, aliqus, aliquid, pron. someone, something
aperiō, aperīre, aperuī, apertus, -a, -um to open
autem, conj. but, however
captīvus, captīvī, m. captive, prisoner (of war)
castra, castrōrum, n. pl. encampment, fort, military camp
cōgō, cōgere, coēgī, coactus, -a, -um to force, compel, urge, encourage
dēpōnō, dēpōnere, dēposuī, dēpositus, -a, -um to put down, take off
dēsinō, dēsinere, dēsiī, dēsitus, -a, -um to end, cease, stop
dīgnitās, dīgnitātis, f. importance, prestige
dīligentia, dīligentiae, f. diligence, hard work, industry
explicō, explicāre, explicāvī, explicātus, -a, -um to explain
extrā, prep. (+ acc.) beyond, outside (of)
furēns, furēns, furēns, gen. furentis, adj. furious, in a rage, raging, raving
haesitō, haesitāre, haesitāvī, haesitātus, -a, -um to hesitate
immemor, immemor immemor, gen. immemoris, adj. forgetful, heedless
immortālis, immortālis, immortāle, adj. immortal, undying
laedō, laedere, laesī, laesus, -a, -um to hurt, harm
lateō, latēre, latuī to lie hidden, lurk
legiō, legiōnis, f. legion
nesciō, nescīre, nescīvī, nescītus, -a, -um to not know
nōmen, nōminis, n. name
ōs, ōris, n. face, mouth
poena, poenae, f. penalty, punishment
poenās dō, poenās dare, poenās dedī, poenās datus, -a, -um to pay the penalty
rursus, adv. again
scelestus, scelesta, scelestum, adj. evil, scum, wicked
statiō, statiōnis, f. post, position
suāvis, suāvis, suāve, adj. sweet, pleasant
testis, testis, m./f. witness
Created by: JPotterFA