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Stage 24 Vocabulary

Cambridge Latin Course, Unit 3: Stage 24 Vocabulary Checklist (page 84)

auctōritās, auctōritātis, f. authority
audāx, audāx, audāx, gen. audācis, adj. bold, daring
carcer, carceris, m. jail, prison
colloquium, colloquiī, n. chat, conversation, talk
committō, committere, commīsī, commissus, -a, -um (+ dat.) entrust to, join; do, committ, perform
comprehendō, comprehendere, comprehendī, comprehēnsus, -a, -um to apprehend, arrest, seize
cōnscendō, cōnscendere, cōnscendī, cōnscēnsus, -a, -um to board, climb on, mount
cum, conj. when
dēscendō, dēscendere, dēscendī, dēscēnsus, -a, -um to come down, descend, go down
dēserō, dēserere, dēseruī, dēsertus, -a, -um to abandon, desert
dēstringō, dēstringere, dēstrinxī, dēstrictus, -a, -um to draw, pull out, unsheath
ēgressus, ēgressa, ēgressum, adj. having departed, having gone out, having left
eques, equitis, m. cavalryman, horseman, knight
flūmen, flūminis, n. river
humī, adv. on the ground, to the ground
īnfestus, īnfesta, īnfestum, adj. enemy, hostile
interā, adv. meanwhile
interrogō, interrogāre, interrogāvī, interrogātus, -a, -um to interrogate, question
neque…neque, correl. conjs. neither…nor
nusquam, adv. nowhere
oppugnō, oppugnāre, oppugnāvī, oppugnātus, -a, -um to assault, attack
passus, passa, passum, adj. having endured, having suffered
patefaciō, patefacere, patefēcī, patefactus, -a, -um to make known, reveal
perfidus, perfida, perfidum, adj. treacherous, untrustworthy
pōns, pontis, m. bridge
rīpa, rīpae, f. riverbank
tantum, adv. just, only
trānseō, trānsīre, trānsiī, trānsitus, -a, -um to cross
trīstis, trīstis, trīste, adj. sad
vērum, vērī, n. fact, the truth, reality
Created by: JPotterFA