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Stage 21 Vocabulary

Cambridge Latin Course, Unit 3: Stage 21 Vocabulary Checklist (page 26)

ā, ab, prep. (+ abl.) by; away from, from
adiuvō, adiuvāre, adiūvī, adiūtus, -a, -um to aid, assist, help
annus, annī, m. year
ascendō, ascendere, ascendī, ascēnsus, -a, -um to climb, rise
barbarus, barbarī, m. barbarian, savage
cēlō, cēlāre, cēlāvī, cēlātus, -a, -um to conceal, hide (oneself, something)
circum, prep. (+ acc.) around
cōnfīdō, cōnfīdere, cōnfīsus, -a, -um (+ dat.) to confide (in), trust
dēiciō, dēicere, dēiēcī, dēiectus, -a, -um to cast down, hurl down, throw down
dūrus, dūra, dūrum, adj. hard, harsh
efficiō, efficere, effēcī, effectus, -a, -um to accomplish, carry out
extrahō, extrahere, extrāxī, extractus, -a, -um to drag out, pull out
fōns, fontis, m. fountain, spring
gravis, gravis, grave, adj. heavy (thing), serious (person)
haruspex, haruspicis, m. diviner, fortune teller, haruspex, soothsayer
hōra, hōrae, f. hour (of the day)
īnfēlīx, īnfēlīx, īnfēlīx, gen. īnfēlīcis unfortunate, unhappy, unlucky
iubeō, iubēre, iussī, iussus, -a, -um to command, order
morbus, morbī, m. disease, illness, sickness
nōnnūllus, nōnnūlla, nōnnūllum, adj. a few, several, some
nūper, adv. just now, recently
occupātus, occupāta, occupātum, adj. busy, occupied
oppidum, oppidī, n. (fortified) town
perītus, perīta,perītum, adj. skilled, skillful
plēnus, plēna, plēnum, adj. full (of), filled (with)
plūs, plūs, plūs, gen. plūris, adj. more
pretium, pretiī, n. price, value
sapiēns, sapiēns, sapiēns, gen. sapientis, adj. wise
suscipiō, suscipere, suscēpī, susceptus, -a, -um to take on, undertake
unde, adv. from where, whence
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