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CLTTH 13 idioms

idioms and expressions discussed in class

what is saidwhat is meant
break someone’s heart to cause someone a lot of emotional pain
at the drop of a hat suddenly, without any warning or notice
kick the bucket to die
keep one’s eyes peeled be vigilant; look for and watch constantly and carefully
let the cat out of the bag tell a secret
step on it hurry!
make a mountain out of a molehill to react to a minor problem (something not serious or severe) like one would react to something very serious or important
under the weather not feeling good; sick
wet behind the ears inexperienced
shoot the breeze to chat casually
hold your horses be patient; wait
once in a blue moon not very often, rarely
tickle the ivories to play the piano
call someone’s bluff from a card game (poker) you challenge someone to prove they have a good hand or to prove what they are saying is the truth
a drop in a bucket a small amount; one tiny thing in a very large situation
to be in the pink, fit as a fiddle, right as rain to be very healthy; feel great
beat around the bush to talk about everything but the subject that needs to be talked about; to avoid a subject by hesitating or talking about things that are only somewhat related
piece of cake very easy to do
pull someone’s leg to joke, to try to fool
put the horse before the cart to do things in the wrong order
my dog’s are barking My feet hurt!
lost his marbles he lost his ability to think clearly and rationally
got your back I will be there to support you if you need me
raining cats and dogs raining very hard
do not be a backseat driver do not tell the driver how to drive
achilles’ heel someone's weakness
chow down to eat (chow= food)
spring chicken a young person
hard headed stubborn, does not easily accept another's point of view
a round of drinks you buy a beverage (usually alcoholic) for everyone who wants one
last round the set of drinks bought before a place closes
a happy medium in moderation; neither excessive nor inadequate
a brush with death to feel as if you were in a situation in which you could have died, but you were lucky and whatever happened was not as bad as it could have been
down in the dumps sad
like a bull in a china shop to be clumsy - moving or doing things in a very awkward way and tending to drop or break things
in the dog house in trouble
do not cry over spilled milk Do not worry about anything that is easily fixed or unable to be changed
a pain in the neck, a pain in the butt... annoying
turn one's life around change things completely
be fresh; have a smart mouth be too bold to the point of being inappropriate or disrespectful
see eye to eye have a mutual understanding
kiss up, brown noser, boot licker someone who insincerely praises or acts friendly to a person in power merely to benefit from the relationship; to behave obsequiously
Created by: murmansk