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DNA for FS 2

Forensic Science

What does CODIS stand for? combined DNA index system
What information is found in CODIS? DNA f criminals and DNA found at crime scenes
What are four sources of DNA at a crime scene? blood ( White blood cells ), Hair root cells, skin, body fluids
What is the human genome? A map of the human DNA showing the base pair patterns and location of each human gene
What shape is a strand of DNA? A double helix
What are the building blocks of human DNA? Nucleotides
List the three parts of a nucleotide. a deoxyribose sugar, a phosphate group, and a nitrogen base
What four bases make up DNA? A - adenine, C- cytosine, G - guanine, T - thymine
What is a karyotype? A picture of all the chromosomes
What is the purpose of PCR? It is the process of making copies of DNA. This makes testing DNA easier.
Define the term STR Short tandem repeats of sequences of DNA bases
The FBI recognizes how many STR on human chromosomes? 13
What is a loci? It is the location of an STR
Which parent passes the Y chromosome to the offspring? A male gives the Y chromosome to his sons
Which sex chromosomes are found in human females? X and X
Which sex chromosomes are found in human males? X and Y
What is MDNA? DNA found in mitochondria. Passed on only by the mother
Created by: lb goodlock