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Stage 9 Vocabulary

Cambridge Latin Course, Unit 1: Stage 9 Vocabulary Checklist (page 160)

agnōscō, agnōscere, agnōvī to recognize
celebrō, celebrāre, celebrāvī to celebrate
celeriter, adv. quickly
cupiō, cupere, cupīvī to desire, want
dō, dare, dedī to give
diēs, diēī m./f. day
ēmittō, ēmittere, ēmīsī to hurl, throw, send out
exerceō, exercēre, exercuī to exercise, work out
ferō, ferre, tulī to bear, bring, carry
homō, hominis, m. human being, man, person
hospes: hospitem, m. guest
ille, illa, illud, pron. this, that
īnspiciō, īnspicere, īnspexī to examine, inspect, look at
iterum, adv. again
maneō, manēre, mānsī to remain, stay
medius, media, medium, adj. middle (of)
mox, adv. soon, then
nōtus, nōta, nōtum, adj. famous, well-known
offerō, offerre, obtulī to offer
ostendō, ostendere, ostendī to show
paulīsper, adv. for a little while, for a short time
post, prep. (+ acc.) behind, after
reveniō, revenīre, revēnī to come back, return
suus, sua, suum, adj. his, hers, its
trādō, trādere, trādidī to hand over, trade
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