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Stage 7 Vocabulary

Cambridge Latin Course, Unit 1: Stage 7 Vocabulary Checklist (page 120)

cēnō, cēnāre, cēnāvī to eat dinner, eat supper, dine
centuriō, centuriōnis, m. centurion
cōnspiciō, cōnspicere, cōnspexī to catch sight of, notice
cum, prep. (+ abl.) with
faciō, facere, fēcī to do, make
herī, adv. yesterday
ingēns, ingēns, ingēns, gen. ingentis, adj. huge
intellegō, intellegere, intellēxī to understand
lacrimō, lacrimāre, lacrimāvī to cry, weep
mortuus, mortua, mortuum, adj. dead
narrō, narrāre, narrāvī to tell
necō, necāre, necāvī to kill
nihil nothing
omnis, omnis, omne, adj. all
parō, parāre, parāvī to make ready, prepare
pestis, pestis, f. pest
pōculum, pōculī, n. cup (often for wine), goblet
prōcēdō, prōcēdere, prōcessī to advance, proceed
prope, prep. (+ acc.) near
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum, adj. beautiful, handsome, pretty
rogō, rogāre, rogāvī, to ask
tacitē, adv. quietly, silently
terreō, terrēre, terruī, to frighten, scare, terrify
umbra, umbrae, f. ghost, shade, shadow
valdē, adv. very, very much
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