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Civics Final Test

Mccarty Year End Review

Study of what it means to be an American Citizen Civics
Highest Court in the United States Supreme Court
Formally accused of a crime indicted
In conflict with the constitution unconstitutional
Decision of a jury verdict
Plan for dealing with other nations of the world foreign policy
Executive agencies with the power to make rules and bring violators into court regulatory agencies
Lawmaking body having 2 houses bicameral legislature
Law based on the Constitution and Supreme Court decisions interpreting the Constitution constitutional law
Lawmaking body of the federal government Congress
Supreme Court's power to determine whether a law is constitutional judicial review
Official count of the number of people living in the United States census
House of congress that gives the states equal representation senate
Explanation of a Supreme Court's decision opinion
Members of the Supreme Court Justices
People opposed to the adoption of the Constitution Anti-Federalists
System in which the people elect representatives to carry on the work of government for them representative democracy
knowingly making false statements that harm another person slander
Results when revenue exceeds expenditures surplus
powers of the federal government delegated powers
people who came to the unites states from other lands immigrants
delay a vote by making lengthy speeches filibuster
The Articles of Confederation established a.... ...loose association of states
Congress can check the presidents powers by... ...passing laws over the President's veto with two-thirds vote.
Senators are elected for a term of... ...six years
Only the senate has the power to... ...approve treaties with foreign governments
The census is taken every... ...ten years.
The lack of a strong central government was a major weakness of the... ...articles of confederation
The president is elected by... ...the electoral vote.
The agreement that created a bicameral national legislature is known as... ...Great Compromise
The American ideal of government by consent of the governed is known as... ...popular sovereignty
To be ratified, an amendment to the constitution must be approved by... ...three fourths of the states.
The authority of the government to take private land for public use is... ...eminent domain
To become a law, a bill must... ...be passed by both houses of Congress
The Nineteenth Amendment is important because it... ...guaranteed suffrage for women.
Income tax is a... ...progressive tax.
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