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Origin, Insertion, Action

Abdominal abdomen
Ancon elbow
Aurieular ear
Brachial arm
Capitis head
Carpi wrist
Cervicis neck
Coccygeal coccyx
Costal rib
Cutaneous skin
Femoris thigh
glossal tongue
Hallux great toe
Ilium groin
Inguinal groin
Lumbar lumbar region
Nasalis nose
Nuchal back of neck
Scular eye
Oris mouth
Palpebra eyelid
Pollex thumb
Popliteal back of knee
Psoas loin
Radial forearm
Scapular scapula
Temporal temple
Thoracic thorax
Tibial tibia, shin
Ulnar ulna
Anterior front
External on the outside
Extrinsic outside the structure
Inferior below
Internal away from the surface
Intrinsic within the structure
Lateral on the side
Medial middle
Oblique slanting
Posterior back
Profundus deep
Rectus straight
superficial toward the surface
Superior toward the head
Transverse crosswise
Deltoid triangle
Orbicularis circle
Pectinate comblike
Piriformis pear shaped
Platysma flat plate
Pyramidal pyramid
Rhomboid parallelogram
Serratus serrated
Splenuis bandage
Teres round and long
Trapezius trapezoid
Alba white
Brevis short
Gracilis slender
Latae wide
Latissimus widest
Longissimus longest
Longus long
Magnus large
Major larger
Maximus largest
Minimus smallest
Minor smaller
Vastus great
Abductor movement away
Adductor movement toward
Depressor lowering movement
Extensor straightening movement
Flexor bending movement
Levator raising movement
Pronator turning into prone position
Supinator turning into supine position
Tensor tensing movement
Buccinator trumpeter
Risorius laugher
Sartorius like a tailor
Created by: jannparker