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East Asia


Information Japan disaster 2011 Japanese earthquake
What is a archipelago? a group of islands ex: Japan
Which country or countries of East Asia are landlocked? Mongolia
What is a fault? A crack on the earth's crust
Why do East Asian countries experience a lot of earthquakes? They are in the ring of fire Several tectonic plates meet
Which country has the United States provided military support since World War II? Japan
What religion is dominant in South Korea? North Korea? North Korea: Atheism discourage religion South Korea: Chinese religions dominant
What accounts for a decrease in the population of people born in the 1970s and 80s? One Child Policy
Why are there more males in the population of China than females? They are gender bias. They choose boys over girls. The oldest male takes care of the older parents.
What was purpose of the Three Gorges Dam project? Why was it controversial? It was built to control flooding
Information about the Chinese Geo Kao test Exam that high school need to take to see if they are ready for Univesity
Information about the Communist revolution of 1949 It took over Mainland China Mao Zedong was the leader of this
Information about communism in East Asia Govt controls major industries-small private owned businesses permitted Ex: China has some market economy, North Korea command
Created by: AwesomeAT