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Heredity,DNA, Reproduction

A molecule that determines the traits that an individual inherits What is DNA?
The four bases in DNA What are adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine?
A molecule that consists of a sugar, a phosphate, and a base What is a nucleotide?
The structure of DNA What is a double helix?
A molecule that plays a role in the synthesis of proteins What is RNA?
This type of reproduction requires one parent, occurs quickly, and produces offspring identical to the parent. What is asexual reproduction?
A new plant develops from a stem or root of its parent plant. What is vegetative reproduction?
A new organism begins as a growth on the outside surface of the parent organism, and it eventually separates from the parent. What is budding?
A prokaryote divides and the offspring are identical to the parent. What is binary fission?
This type of reproduction requires two parents who each donate half their chromosomes to the offspring, thereby promoting genetic diversity among offspring. What is sexual reproduction?
The stages of the cell cycle in order. What are interphase, mitosis, and cytokinesis?
In this stage of the cell cycle, genetic material appears to be a disorganized, tangled ball of string. What is interphase?
The longest stage of the cell cycle. What is interphase?
A cell appears to have two nuclei containing chromosomes in this phase of mitosis. What is telophase?
Two new nuclei are produces in this stage of the cell cycle. What is mitosis?
One of the alternative forms of a gene What is an allele?
The genetic information contained in a gene; the alleles are represented with letters. What is genotype?
The physical manifestation of a trait. What is a phenotype?
The offspring of parents with the alleles Aa and Aa will have the alleles Aa with this percentage of probability. What is 50%?
The letters at the top represent one parent. The letters on the left represent the other parent. The letters in the inner quadrants represent possible offspring. What is a Punnett Square?
True or false: A sex cell has half the number of chromosomes as a body cell. True
The number of cells produced by meiosis What are four cells?
The number of chromosomes in a human sex cell What are 23 chromosomes?
A cell that forms as the result of fertilization and has a full set of chromosomes. What is a zygote?
Chromosome number decreases by half as a result of this process. What is meiosis 1?
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