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Civics Mccarty ch 13

State and Local Government Quiz

The total number of townships in the state of Minnesota 1,792
For most constitutional offices in Minnesota and to be a member of the Minnesota legislature you must be ___ years of age. 21
In order to be the governor of Minnesota, you must be at least ___ years of age. 25
The leaders of the government in Wright county are called... ...commissioners.
Minnesota has ___ members in the state house of representatives. 134
Minnesota has ___ members of the state senate. 67
The town in the county that has the courthouse is called the... ...County Seat
In Minnesota we have a ___ legislature. bicameral
The person who is responsible for reviewing the record-keeping of state agencies to make sure money is used correctly is the... ...state auditor.
The majority of legal matters are handled by the ___ courts. state
The early formula for creating townships was to have an area... ...6 miles by 6 miles.
The lieutenant governor... ...runs as a team with the governor.
An area of land one mile by one mile is called... ...a section.
When did Minnesota become a state? 1858
What are the three positions in each township? Supervisor Treasurer Clerk
T or F The only requirement to be an appeals court judge or a judge on the state supreme court is to be licensed to practice law in the state of MN. True
T or F The state of Minnesota's government is set up like the federal government in that it has an executive, legislative, and judicial branch. True
T or F The federal government is responsible for conducting elections. False
T or F Minnesota state senators serve terms of 4 years in length unless they are elected in a year ending in a "0" True
T or F Minnesota has 87 counties within it's borders. True
T or F The Wright County Board is made up of 6 members. True
T or F The federal law that regulated the surveying of new territories was the Articles of Confederation. False
T or F An area of land that is approximately the size of a football field is called a section. False
T or F The form of government that requires an annual meeting is a township government. True
T or F A city lot cold have been part of a township. True
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