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chpt 4 quiz 1

social studies vocab

Albany Plan of Union a plan proposed by Benjamin Franklin to unite the 13 colonies under one gov't against the French threat during the French and Indian War
Battle of Quebec the most important battle of the French and Indian war which led to the defeat of the French and Britain taking control of Canada
Apprentice an adolescent boy who works under a skilled craftsman for years learning a trade
Backcountry a region of small subsistence farms in the southern colonies west of the Tidewater region of large plantations
Breadbasket Colonies a nickname for the Middle Colonies which produced grains, beef, and pork for the other regions in the colonies
Cash Crops in the southern colonies along the Atlantic coast, large farms produced tobacco, rice, and indigo - where black slaves did the work
Diversity a variety of people from different ethnic backgrounds living together in an area
Economy how a people provide for the basic necessitiesExport of life (food, clothing, and shelter)
Export a good sent abroad to sell
French and Indian War fought between the British and French for control of North America between 1754 - 1763...the British won the war and drove the French from Canada
Frontier the area of land between the white communities and the Native American settlements
Import a good brought from foreign markets to be sold inside a country
Literacy the ability to read and write
Mercantilism an economic theory that stated a nation's power was based on it's wealth
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