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21st Century

Mrs. Brown's 21st Century

I created Microsoft Bill Gates
I am the founder of Wal-Mart Sam Walton
I created a famous make-up company Estee Lauder
I created B.E.T. (Black Entertainment Television Robert Johnson
I founded a large Hispanic advertising company Lionel Sosa
Businesses are expanding all over the world. The internet makes the world smaller. Globalization
1st Hispanic Woman Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor
Passed because US was in a recession - BAILOUT of big business, led to Obamacare American Recovery and Investment Act 2009
President 2009 - 2017, 1st African American President Barack Obama
Important election that led to Barack Obama being elected the 1st African American President 2008 Election
Government can monitor citizen's everyday life (phone calls, email, etc), passed after 9/11, many thought it infringed on basic Constitutional Rights USA Patriot Act
US was attacked by terrorists. Launched a global war on Terrorism and immediately troops were deployed to Afghanistan. US security became more important afterwards. 9/11 - September 11, 2001
Made annual testing for math and English mandatory between 3rd and 8th grade. No Child left behind
Costliest natural disaster in US history, highest storm surge every recorded, New Orleans levees didn't hold up and it sets below sea level causing bad flooding Hurricane Katrina
Country had fallen into a bad recession. This act gave money to banks to that they didn't have to shut down Emergency Economic Stabilization Act 2008
Elected President in 2000 served until 2008 George W. Bush
Controversial election showed that a person didn't have to win popular votes, but electoral votes to be President. Came down to Florida. Election of 2000
Created by: Tiabrown2


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