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Vocabulary 11 CLTTH

Articles Endangered Animals and Speech

expelled forced to leave
NRA National Rifle association
regulation a law or rule
tireless working hard for a long time
statistics information given in numbers
figures if you are good with numbers, you have a head for ____
asteroid a small body of rock and metal that goes around the sun
habitat place where an animal lives (its normal environment
exploitation the use of someone or something for unfair personal gain
invasive tending to spread and aggressively attempt to take control
disease a natural cause of extinction
rain forest example of a habitat destroyed by humans
chain reaction a series of events related because one causes the next
carbon dioxide released in the air when humans burn fossil fuels
global warming an example of climate change
reduced When temperatures rise, algae is _.
limited not great in amount or number; restricted
abundant large or great in amount or number; plentiful
Created by: murmansk