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1War of 1812 & After

#12 Lead up to war, the war and aftermath ANSWERS

What happened to the economy of the United States while the Napoleonic Wars were going on? U.S. exports increased.
After the duel, Burr goes out west. What did Jefferson believe was his intent? To commit treason against the United States.
What act against U.S. shipping by Great Britain was a cause of the War of 1812? Impressment of American sailors
After the attack on the American ship Chesapeake, what was President Jefferson's response? Stop trade with Great Britain.
What were the Non-Importation Acts? Ban on all imports from Great Britain.
When Jefferson passed the Embargo Act of 1807, what was his belief? He believed we would be okay without their products, but they needed ours.
What was the result of the Embargo of 1807 A disaster for the U.S. both politically and economically.
What was Jefferson's response to violations of the Embargo Act in the U.S? Declared part of the country in open rebellion and used the Army and Navy to control it.
In 1809, the Non-Intercourse Act replaced the Embargo Act. What countries were affected by it? Just Great Britain and France
James Madison became President in 1808. his wife was his biggest asset. What was her name? Dolley
What was President Madison's wife's view of the common people of the country? She loved them and had weekly open house parties.
Who was the Shawnee Chief that felt the sale of Tribal lands was illegal? Tecumseh
After the Treaty of Greenville, what was the concern of the Americans? Continued hostility by Native Americans supported by the British.
This governor of Indiana Territory continued to buy land from complacent Native American tribes. William Henry Harrison
Harrison (later a President of the U.S.) defeated the Shawnee at this battle, causing the remaining tribes to escape to Canada. Tippecanoe
When the Native Americans escaped to Canada, what was the response of the British? They welcomed them and made an alliance.
This group from the western states wanted war with Britain because of their actions towards the Native Americans and their actions on the seas against American Shipping: War Hawks
This Congressman from Kentucky was a leader of the War Hawks: Henry Clay
Once it became obvious that we were going to war against Great Britain, there were two areas a group called "Expansionists" wanted: Canada and Florida
Which group was opposed to the War of 1812? Federalists
There were three actions New England took in opposition to the war: 1. They took their time raising troops, 2. Continued to illegally trade with Great Britain, 3. Drank East India tea in Liverpool cups throughout the war.
At the beginning of the War of 1812, what was the focus of Great Britain? Their war with France (Napoleon).
Where did the US Navy gain its experience to fight the British? From their war with the Barbary States in the Mediterranean.
What action did the Americans take once they took control of present day Toronto (York)? Burned it and plundered it.
Who was the American hero of the Battle of Lake Erie? Oliver Hazard Perry
General Harrison killed this famous Shawnee Chief at the Battle of Thames: Tecumseh
Andrew Jackson defeated the Creek Indians at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. Later that year, what did he gain through a treaty with them? Thousands of square miles of their land.
After Britain defeats Napoleon, what changes take place in the US regarding the War of 1812? Britain can put all their effort towards the US and send more troops and ships.
The British land troops up the Chesapeake Bay. What is their objective? Washington D.C.
What was Dolley Madison doing when the British marched on Washington? Preparing for a dinner party
Who was the last American to leave Washington D.C. as the British entered? Dolley Madison
This event during the War of 1812 became the biggest embarrassment in the history of the United States The British capture and destruction of Washington D.C., including the burning of the White House.
Dolley Madison is credited with saving important papers and this artifact: The full length portrait of George Washington
Why wasn't President Madison in Washington D.C. when the British arrived? He was out trying to rally the troops to defend the capital
Before the British burned down the White House, they held a mock vote, then did this: Ate the dinner Dolley had prepared.
What did the local merchants do to protect Baltimore from the British? Sunk their own ships in the harbor to keep the British Navy out.
Where was the "Star Spangled Banner" born? On a Prison Ship after watching the 25 hour bombardment of Ft. McHenry.
What was impressive after the bombardment completed? The American flag was still flying.
Who wrote the "Star Spangled Banner"? Francis Scott Key
Why was Francis Scott Key on a British Prisoner ship? He was negotiating the release of American prisoners.
How was the War of 1812 finally ended? Treaty of Ghent
What did the United States gain from the War of 1812? nothing
Why did the Battle of New Orleans take place? The war was over! No one knew about the Treaty.
Who was the hero of New Orleans? Andrew Jackson
Why was the Port of New Orleans important to the United States? It allowed us to get goods to and from the west to the Atlantic coastal states quickly.
What kind of army did Andrew Jackson put on the field to face the British? A mix of pirates, Native Americans, Blacks, and frontier settlers.
One of the results of the War of 1812 was a reinforcement of Anglophobia. What is that? Fear and hatred of the the British
Which political party was viewed as unpatriotic because of their anti-war stance for the War of 1812? Federalist
What revolution was introduced to the United States because of our interrupted trade during the War of 1812? Industrial Revolution.
Why did the Hartford Convention want to abolish the 3/5 Compromise? Reduce southern power in Congress
What restriction did the Hartford Convention want to place on the Office of the President? Limit to one term and no President could come from the same state as the President he succeeded.
The Hartford Convention wanted to prohibit the election of a President from the same state in consecutive elections. What was this called? Virginia Dynasty
Which political party led the Hartford Convention? Their pettiness helped cause their demise. Federalists
During the War of 1812, production in our factories increased. Why? We were not getting anything from Europe.
Due to the shortage of products from Europe, what happened to the price of American goods? Prices Increased.
Because of the Embargo of 1807, America could no longer depend on finished products from Europe. What was the consequence for the American economy? People had to shift to manufacturing to make the goods they could not get from Europe.
Why would Northern manufacturers want the Tariff? Everyone would have to buy the goods they produced. They raised prices accordingly because there was no competition.
Why were shippers opposed to the Tariff? It would decrease their potential shipping tonnage from Europe and decrease their profit. Make more on a Transatlantic journey than you do from a short haul from Baltimore to New York.
Why did the War of 1812 make it obvious that the country needed a better land transportation system? 1. Needed a way to move troops around the western areas. 2. We needed better waterways for trade access.
Why did President Jefferson call out the Army and Navy after passing the Embargo Act of 1807? There were wide-spread violations and smuggling.
President Jefferson's reaction to the violations of the Embargo Act required him to go against one of his core beliefs. What was it? He believed in a weak central government but was forced to use the power of the Federal Government to bring the country under control.
Jefferson lost most of his political respect with his trade actions against Great Britain, which boosted Federalist supporters. What was Jefferson's final response to this unrest? He decided not to run for a third term.
When Jefferson imposed the Non-Importation Acts on Great Britain, they decided to stop interfering with our trade but continued this practice: Impressments
Jefferson wanted to punish Great Britain's continued practice of impressments by imposing acts that would hurt them financially. Why did he focus on financial reprisals? Jefferson knew we were too weak to go to war with Great Britain.
Roads, bridges, canals, railroads, post offices, government buildings, schools, power plants, and airports all are part of what makes a society function and is known as this: Infrastructure
What was President Madison's view of the National Highway System? He vetoed the bill on his last day in office. It did not become a reality until 1916 (When we were expecting entry into WW I)
The bill for a National Highway System was introduced by John C, Calhoun, which region supported the concept? The western states. They had the most to gain.
John C. Calhoun has the distinction of serving as Vice-President for Both John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson
When the Cumberland Road finally opened in 1838, what were the immediate benefits? 1. Reduced transportation costs, 2. Opened new markets, 3. Commercialized American Agriculture.
The Cumberland Road was begun in 1811, but construction stopped in 1819. Why? The Panic of 1819
Jefferson and Madison both thought a Constitutional Amendment would be necessary to build National Roads. However, that was not necessary. Why not? Not an Enumerated Power
The idea of a road network to move the army quickly was seen in these other civilizations: Inca and Roman
The Tariff of 1816 was designed to provide this for American made goods Protection
What did the Tariff of 1816 specifically do? It raised the price of foreign goods
What impact would the Tariff of 1816 have on American farmers? They would have to pay more for imports.
Which groups opposed the Tariff of 1816? Southern Farmers and Shippers