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Lightning Thief

Chapters 1-8 Vocab

rebellious defying authority
resented feeling inured and angry
hyperactive overactive
goading urging to drive on
cloven split, divided
expelled to put someone out or remove permanently
kleptomaniac a person who has an irresistable desire to steal
immortal living forever
contaminated to make impure by contact or by mixing
vaporized to change into vapor
prophecy telling future events
manic wildly excited and possibly violent
omen something that is supposed to be a sign of what is to happen
elated in high spirits
casacde to fall or pour
pavillion a light building usually somewhat open
primitive very simple, from early times
facades outward appearance that be deceptive
archetypes the original model or pattern from which copies are made
initiation formal admission into a group or society
Created by: mrsrooney