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MOD 170 unit 2 term

anuria Absence of urination
Catheterization A medical procedure that facilitates direct drainage of the Urinary bladder
Cystoscopy Visual examination of the urinary bladder
Diuretic Agent that causes increased urination
Excretion Elimination of body wastes
Glycosuria Excess of sugar in the urine
Hemodialysis Diffusing blood to maintain balance
ketonuria Presence of ketones in the urine
Lithotrite Instrument used for surgically crushing bladder stones
Nephritis Inflammation of the kidneys
Nephromegaly Enlargement of one or both kidneys
Nephroscopy Fiberoptic instrument used for visualization of the kidney
Nephrostomy Creation of a new opening into the renal pelvis
Oliguria Diminished capacity to pass urine
Polycystic kidney disease Cluster of cyst develop within the kidney
Polyuria Excessive urination
Pyelolithotomy Surgical incision of the kidney to remove a stone
Renal Kidney
Renal Columns Spaces between adjacent pyramids
Renal fascia Connective tissues that holds the kidneys in place
Renal pelvis Large cavity in the central region of the kidney that collects urine
Uremia A raised level of blood of urea and other nitrogenous waste
Urinalysis Test performed in the laboratory on urine
Urinary retention The inability to completely or partially empty the bladder
Voiding cystourethrogram Radiographic récord in the bladder and the urethra
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