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Supply Chain Ch. 12

Lean Supply Chains

Lean production Seeks to produce as little waste as possible
Customer value Something for which the customer is willing to pay
Waste Anything that does not add value for the customer
Sources that make uncertainty/variability harder to control Uncertainty in task times, uncertainty in demand, the customer's role in the process
The Toyota Production System Lean production focused on elimination of waste and respect for people
Lean suppliers Able to respond to change, have lower prices because of the efficiency
Lean procurement Automation is key
Lean manufacturing Provides customers with what they want, when they want it, and at the quantity they want with minimum resources
Lean warehousing Avoiding non-value-adding steps in the warehousing process such as shipping defects, overshipping, excess inventory
Lean logistics Pooling orders, optimizing routing, combining truckloads, etc.
Value stream mapping A type of flow chart that analyzes whether or not value is being added at a certain step of a process
Kazien Japanese philosophy focusing on continuous improvement
Group technology Similar parts are grouped into families, and processes are grouped into manufacturing cells
Quality at the source Do it right the first time, and when something is wrong, stop production immediately
Kanban/Kanban pull system A signaling device denoting whether to move forward with production
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