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AWL October 2017

to examine carefully analyze
Which vocabulary goes on the line? How do scientists ________________ the data they collect? analyze
My synonyms are: examine, evaluate, study, investigate, scrutinize analyze
Which vocabulary goes on the line? Students must learn to _______________ text closely. analyze
to give to a common supply, fund, or purpose contribute
Which vocabulary goes on the line? He _____________________ to many charities in the past. contributed
Which vocabulary goes on the line? Ancient civilizations are responsible for many important _________________________ to our society today. contributions
My synonyms are: give, add, supply, donate, provide. Which vocabulary am I ? contribute
to elaborate or expand in detail develop
Which vocabulary goes on the line? The teacher instructed to students to _____________ their writing by adding more adjectives. develop
Which vocabulary goes on the line? He contributed to the ____________________ to the city by adding a water filtration system. development
My synonyms are: elaborate, evolve, form, produce. Which vocabulary am I? develop
to manifest or exhibit; show demonstrate
My synonyms are: show, teach, manifest, exhibit. Which vocabulary am I? demonstrate
Which vocabulary belongs on the line? He _______________________ his courage by his actions in battle. demonstrated
Which vocabulary belongs on the line? I'll ___________ how this machine works. demonstrate
Material that is presented to show or prove that something else exists or is true evidence
My synonyms are: proof, clue, indication, testimony, sign, data. What vocabulary am I? evidence
Which vocabulary goes on the line? His argument was solid because he made certain to include relevant__________________ from the text to support his ideas. evidence
a statement you believe to be true; your answer claim
the order in which things happens or should happen sequence
a small part or piece of a longer work excerpt
to make certain that something is accurate and true verify
My synonyms are: passage, piece, part, selection, notation, quote, section, portion. What vocabulary am I? excerpt
My synonyms are: arrangement, series, order, progression, pattern, succession. What vocabulary am I? sequence
My synonyms are: validate, justify, authenticate, prove, confirm, certify, corroborate, backup. What vocabulary am I? verify
My synonyms are: request, statement, declare, answer, assertion, allegation. What vocabulary am I? claim
Which vocabulary goes on the line? John made the_______________ that he hit three homeruns this season. claim
Which vocabulary goes on the line? When writing, you should state your ______________ after restating the topic. claim
Which vocabulary goes on the line? The student failed to answer the questions in the proper _________________ on the scantron. sequence
Which vocabulary goes on the line? The__________________ of events in the story was complicated. sequence
Which vocabulary goes on the line? The ________________ we are analyzing is from The Lightning Thief. excerpt
Which vocabulary goes on the line? The small ________________ from Joseph Campbell’s book provides information about the hero’s journey. excerpt
Which vocabulary goes on the line? Can you ________________ whether I am scheduled to work or not? verify
Which vocabulary goes on the line? With security increased, they'll need to_____________ who you are. verify
Created by: TMoar



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