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Animal Diversity 2-3


What does the word arthropoda mean? Jointed foot
What is an appendage? Legs, Antennae, claws and pincers
What is an exoskeleton? A hard, outer covering
What is molting? A process of shedding the exoskeleton
What is on a typical insect's head? A pair of antennae, eyes and a mouth
What is typically attached to an insect's thorax? Three pairs of legs, and one or two pairs of wings
What is a spiracle? An opening that lets air and waste enter an insect's body.
What is metamorphosis? A series of changes from one body form to another.
What are the stages of complete metamorphosis? egg to larva to pupa to adult
What do insects eat? plants, blood, nectar , decaying material, wood and clothes.
What is a mandible? A mouthpart that helps with chewing
What do butterflies and honeybees use to suck nectar? siphons
What are some reasons for insect being a successful species? rapid reproduction, small sizes, large variety.
Spider, scorpions and mites are examples of what group? Arachnids
How many legs to arachnids have? 8
Do arachnids have antennae? No
What do spiders inject into their food to help them eat? Enzymes.
How do spiders breath? Through book lungs
Which is a predator, centipedes or millipedes centipedes
Crabs, crafish and shrimp are examples of what group? Crustaceans
What body parts to crustaceans have? antennae and mandibles
Where do most crustaceans live? In the water
What is the value of Arthropods? Good, source of food, helps agriculture and medicine.
What type of arthropod is the most recognized fossil? Trilobite