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Vocab Lists 11-15

Acquiesce to give in reluctantly
Rectify to make, put, or set right
Unorthodox not conforming to accepted rules, traditions, or conduct
Arbitrary based on random choice or personal whim rather than a system or rule
Exasperate to anger or annoy
Decrepit old and broken down
Diffident shy
Docile easily taught, led, or controlled
Egregious outstanding in a bad way
Innocuous not harmful
Felicity intense happiness
Opulence wealth, riches, or affluence
Palpable plainly seen, heard, or perceived
Deplorable causing reproach or disapproval
Angst anxiety or worry
Recapitulate to summarize and state again the main points of
Defamatory injurious to reputation
Adhere to support or show allegiance to
Impermeable impassable
Piety righteousness
Supplant to take the place of
Desist to cease
Mendacious characterized by habitual lying
Admonish to caution or counsel against something
Nihilism the belief that nothing in life has importance or value
Supplement to add to in order to make up for a lack of something
Omnipotent all powerful
Reproach to criticize
Extol to praise enthusiastically
Unobtrusive not easily noticed
Undulate to move with a wave like motion
Intuitive perceived by intuition, not rational thought
Ultimatum a condition or command that, if rejected, will result in consequences
Utilitarian useful and practical instead of beautiful and showy
Verbose using more words than are needed
Vilify to utter slanderous and abusive statements against
Alleviate to make less intense or severe
Refined well bred
Primal very basic and powerful
Intractable not easily controlled or directed
Deference humble submission and respect
Ambivalence a simultaneous conflicting attitude
Digress to wander away from the main topic
Bellicose aggressively hostile
Domineering overbearing, tyrannical
Foreboding characterized by a strong feeling of future misfortune
Superfluous extra, beyond what is needed
Idiosyncrasy a characteristic, habit, or mannerism that is peculiar to a person
Profusion a large amount of something
Mediate to come between; to intervene
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