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Stem Lists 11-15

quiesc rest
rec guided, put right
dox opinion
arbitr judge
aspeer harsh
crep burst, crack
dif apart
doc to teach
greg group
noc hard
felic happy
op wealth
palp touch
plor weep
ang distress
capit head
fam reputation
her cling, hold
me pass
pi cleanse
sup under
sist stand
mend fault, lying
mon warn
nihil nothing
ple fill
potent powerful
proach near
tol raise
trus pushed
und wave
tut protect
ult beyond
util useful, practical
verb word
vil mean
lev light
fin end
prim first
tract drag, pull
fer to carry
ambi both
gress to step, to go
bell war
domin master
fore in front, previous
flu flow
idio peculiar
fus pour
med middle
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