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Essentials 2 Batman

Tundra A treeless plain with ground that is always frozen.
Praiire An area of grassland
Permafrost Constantly frozen ground
City-state A city that also may exist as a separate country. Has it's own characteristics.
Policies A plan governments have. How they handle situations.
Dark ages A time period of disease, war, and lack of learning in Europe
Middle class Group that is between the rich and poor groups in society,
Revolution A dramatic or complete change in something
Colony A piece of land controlled by a foreign country
Imperialism Control of a nation by another in areas of government, economics and culture.
Reunification When a divided country becomes one nation again. Happened to Germany.
Immigration Movement of people from one place to another
Alliance A friendship or agreement of nations to work together
Cold War A cooling of relations between the United States and Soviet Union. 1950-1990. Not a true war.
Civil War Fighting among people of the same country or ethnic group
Climate Average weather of a place over a period of years
Elavation Height above or below sea level
Urban Located in cities
Rural Living in the country; outside of the city
Created by: LupaTeach