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Global 10

U & A Russian Revolution

Vladimir Lenin Was born 8170 to a middle class family; adopted the name Lenin when he became a revolutionary hated the tsarist regime. Studied the works of Karl Marx"Peace, Land, Bread"- March November Revolution Bolsheviks Socialists/Soviets
March (February ) (Russian) Revolution 1917 March 1917- 1st of 2 Revolutions that toppled the Romonav Dynasty CausesCorrupt bureaucracy, Over burdened court system, ill equippt, casualties of WWI, discontented peasants, bread shortage lead to monarchy failing Nicholas II abdicates provisional govt
Bolsheviks A communist political party that gained power after the Oct/Nov Revolution 1917 AKA Bolshevik Revolution Overthrew provisional govt Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Joseph Stalin (peace, land, bread) kidnap-assassinate the Romanov's worlds 1st comm govt
Leon Trotsky A brilliant marxist thinker- skillful speaker and an architect of the Bolshevik Revolution Gifted orator- red army ordered close watch on party officials - ensure communist party loyalty assassinated by Stalin hitman 1940
November (October) Bolshevik Revolution 1917 2nd Revolution toppled Romanov dynasty and brought Bolsheviks to power Cause- provisional govt' cont war effort and provisional govt failed to deal with land reform events- red guard bolsheviks Russian Soliders symbol Hammer and sickle
Rasputin Born a Russian peasant and becomes a mystical faith healer Alexei- Nicholas II son suffers hemophelia Alexandra trusted Rasputin but the Russian Nobility didn't. Russian Revolution 1917 Rasputin murdered 1916
New Economic Policy (NEP) Lenin's economic plan to revive the wage system and private ownership referred to his plan as state capitalism wanted to regulate supply and product Allowed communist to solidify their power 1921-1928 Soviet Union
Joseph Stalin Bolshevik leader who becomes dictator of Soviet Union "Man of Steel" Communism-state owned totalitarian leader- total control absolute power The great purge - Gulags two five year plans- industrialize USSR Better to be feared then loved
Two Five Year Plans Stalin's economic industrial plans for Soviet Union; ends justifies means purpose was industrialization in 10 years collectivization- agriculture-man made famine first 5 year plan 1928-1933 2nd 5 year plan 1933-1937 Communist- state owned Great Purge
Provisional Government Temporary government usually established when a leader abdicates Russia-Alexander Kerensky France- National Assembly US- Continental Congress and Articles of Confederation
Abdicate To give up power; step down from power Louis XVI- French Revolution (1790s) Napoleon Bonaparte- After the French defeat in Russia (1813) Nicholas II-March Revolution Provisional Governments are established Mubarck-Egypt Gadaffi-Libya Ukraine
Romanov The 2nd imperial dynasty to rule Russia from 1613-1917- 300 years 20% population- wealthy 80% poor peasants (oppressed) Peter the Great and Catherine the Great March Revolution-1917 (February) October/ Bolshevik Revolution- communist Russia
Tsar ( Czar) An emperor of Russia before 1917 comes from the Russian word Caesar Peter the Great and Catherine the Great Romanovs Nicholas II- last tsar of Russia Absolutism- single power divine right
Bloody Sunday March 1917 was the 1st of 2 Revolutions that toppled the Romanv dynasty Causes: corrupt bureaucracy Overburdened Court system ill- equipped/ casualties of WWI Discontent peasants bread shortages Nicholas abdicates
Tsar Nicholas II Last Russian tsar at the turn of the century; Romanov Dynasty abdicates the throne- provisional government- 1917- March Revolution assassinated by Vladimir Lenin, Bolsheviks divine right absolutism Russia's change is to Communism
Created by: mbarkley