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Rx Prep Key Points 1

Intro through Antibiotics

Patches - General Counseling Points Usually can't cut except Lidoderm. Usually no heat exposure. If irritation, avoid shaved skin, topical steroid can be used afterward
EpiPen counseling Swing and jab strongly into outer thigh (clothes ok), hold and count to 5, remove and rub area of skin. Look at tip to make sure needle is visible. Take an antihistamine.
Drugs to avoid in peanut allergy Combivent (old form, new Respimat is ok) Propofol (also eggs) Progesterone
Vitamin B - list the common names B1 - thiamine B2 - riboflavin B3 - niacin B6 - pyridoxine B9 - folic acid B12 - cobalamin
Amiodarone - DDI concerns QT prolongers Electrolyte imbalances Negative inotropes (beta blockers, CCBs) Grapefruit Any 3A4 Reduce dose b4 starting: dig, warfarin, quinidine, procainamide Use lower doses of simva, atorva, lova
Fluoroquinolone counseling Tendon rupture risk w: steroids, transplant, >60 years old S/e: photosensitivity, N/V, QTc, hypoglycemia (rarely hyper), don't use in children (muscle toxicity) --- separate cations
Doxycycline pearls Preg D and bad in <8yo, take with 8oz water for GI irritation, photosensitivity, risk of rash
Bactrim pearls GI upset, rare skin reactions (SJS), hyper-K+, bad in 3rd trimester Increases warfarin, monitor
Clindamycin pearls High rates of GI upset, skin rash, safe in all pregnancy, no renal adjustment
Metronidazole pearls Take with food, C/I in 1st trimester, GI upset, metallic taste, dark urine, periph neuro, no EtOH until 48h p last dose
Xifaxin pearls With or without food, HA, well-tolerated (little systemic absorption)
Monurol pearls Mix with cold water, diarrhea, HA
Nitrofurantoin pearls Only use in good renal fxn, take with food to enhance absorption
Antibiotic suspensions that need refrigeration Augmentin, Keflex, Pen VK, Amox (optional, for taste only)
Antibiotic suspensions that must NOT be refrigerated Azith, Clarith, Clinda, Cefdinir, Cipro/Levo, Doxy, Fluconazole, Septra
Acyclovir pearls Works best within 1 day of first sign of outbreak, most common side effect is nausea (3%), then HA (1-2%), evenly spaced doses with or without food, remain hydrated
Fluconazole pearls Common side effects: HA, nausea, abd pain Taking longer than 1 day increases risk of hepatotox and skin rash (contact MD)
Created by: eyeless