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Vocabulary CLTTH8

words from "Sucker"

quiet not loud; silent, peaceful
quite intensifier
aisle like a row, an aisle in a grocery store
isle an island
couldn’t keep one’s eyes off of something unable to stop looking at (staring) someone or something because it is so beautiful or shocking or pleasing….
mixed up confused, unable to understand logically
mixed up in something involved in a situation
get up the nerve to feel brave or confident enough to do or say something
run into the ground to do too often so that it is too common; to ruin or destroy
keyed up excited or nervous; with too much nervous energy to relax or think clearly
come to to regain consciousness or awareness; to wake up; to reach (a total or a decision)
figure out understand, make sense of something
take something in to accept work at home; to accept something someone has heard, seen or experienced completely; to include something; to attend or visit
think back on to remember the past, to recollect
get something straight to understand correctly and completely
make up for to provide something good to make something bad easier or less painful
turn over to to give to someone to be his/her own; to use for a particular purpose
get on someone’s nerves to bother, annoy, make nervous
monkey around to do things that are not useful or serious: waste time; to joke with; to use in a careless or foolish way
fiddle with to handle in a nervous way; to change in a harmful or foolish way
rig up to improvise; to make from whatever is available; to use what you have in an inventive way
eyes glued to completely attentive to and focused on
have to do something must do, obligated to do; a necessity rather than a choice
knickers pants
funny bone elbow
sissy a boy who seems weak or afraid or who likes things traditionally associated with girls
sap a watery liquid in a plant, a person who is easily tricked or cheated
folks informal for people; often refers to relatives, especially parents
mister a title for a male; Mr. is the abbreviation for Mister.
expression the way someone’s face looks to show feeling; a way of communicating thoughts and feelings
manual done with one’s hands; involving hard physical work
woe a deep feeling of pain or sadness; problem or trouble
Oh, woe is me! a way to say you are upset or sad
sprawl to lie or sit with your arms and legs extended wide apart
humiliate to make someone feel shame or to make someone feel stupid or small
ignore to do nothing about; to give no response to; to act like you did not see or hear
slid past tense of to slide; slide
despise to dislike intensely; to hate
interfere to become involved in other people’s concerns when your involvement in not wanted
meddle synonym for interfere; to change or handle something in a way that is unwanted or harmful
bawl to cry hard, loudly and for a long time (to bawl one’s eyes out)
settle down to calm enough to concentrate or rest
put one’s mind to to be determined and focused
shut one’s trap to stop talking
“something was the matter” something was wrong, bothering someone, problematic
ugly not pretty, not pleasing to look at or think about
damp slightly wet
decent polite, moral and honest; basically, good at heart
stiff unmoving, not graceful or friendly, not relaxed, hard and severe
keep a stiff upper lip remain calm and determined in a difficult situation
timid shy, hesistant to talk
apt likely to
snippy showing irritation; quick, short, impatient and a little angry sounding as if annoyed
clop the sound made by walking on the floor (the clip clop of the horses prancing on the cement lane)
sneer an expression on a person's face that is like a smile but that shows dislike and a lack of respect for someone or something; to laugh or smile at someone in a way the shows dislike and disrespect
loaf an amount of bread formed into a shape; to spend time relaxing rather than working
swell to become larger than normal; to feel an emotion strongly; very good, excellent.
glance a quick look, to look quickly.
flop to fail completely; something that fails/ to swing in a loose, uncontrolled way/to fall (sudden or relaxed way)
hush to quiet; to become quiet; a quietness, a time of silence or calm
tackle to make an effort to manage something; to push to the ground; the equipment needed for a sport or job
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