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Sunday 3/10

Qualitative Analysis & Decaffeination

Qualitative Analysis Viewing an unknown compounds characteristics such as: chemical classification, functional groups, and structures. Also analyze qualities such as chemical, physical, spectral data, and derivatives of the compound.
Carbonyl Compound Compounds that containing a Carbon/Oxygen double bond (C=O)
Chemical Classification Tests fast reactions that contain usually a color change or formation of a precipitate, which confirms presence of a functional group
Spectral Analysis analyzing spectral data of unknown compounds via IR, NMR, UV-Visible to determine identity.
Reaction caused by Bilsulfite Test precipitates white solid Reacts with aldehydes and ONLY methyl ketones
Reaction caused by Schiff's Test Magenta product reacts with aldehydes only
Reaction caused by Tollen's Test silver/metal color product Silver nitrate (AgNO3) soln. in NH4OH oxidizes aldehydes. Reduces Ag+ to Ag^o
Iodoform Test Only performed if the others are negative. Identifies if the ketone is a methyl ketone Oxidizes methyl ketone in presences of OH Forms YELLOW PRECIPIPTATE
Created by: Dgrathod