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Oral Quiz #9

Medical Terminology

Osteoma a benign tumor composed of osseous tissue.
Pneumonia lung inflammation caused by bacterial or viral infection, in which the air sacs fill with pus and may become solid. Inflammation may affect both lungs ( double pneumonia ), one lung ( single pneumonia ), or only certain lobes ( lobar pneumonia ).
Proctoscopy inspection of the rectum with a proctoscope. The examination is usually done prior to rectal surgery, and it may be a part of the physical examination of a patient with hemorrhoids, rectal bleeding, or other symptoms of a rectal disorder.
Psychiatry the study and treatment of mental illness, emotional disturbance, and abnormal behavior.
Psychoneurosis another term for neurosis. (a relatively mild mental illness that is not caused by organic disease, involving symptoms of stress (depression, anxiety, obsessive behavior, hypochondria) but not a radical loss of touch with reality.)
Pyelitis inflammation of the renal pelvis.
Pylorostenosis narrowing of the opening from the stomach to the first part of the small intestine known as the duodenum, due to enlargement of the muscle surrounding this opening (the pylorus, meaning "gate"), which spasms when the stomach empties.
Pyogenic involving or relating to the production of pus.
Radiosensitive (of certain tissues or organisms) sensitive to or destructible by various types of radiant energy, as x-rays, rays from radioactive material, or the like.
Spondylitis inflammation of the joints of the backbone.
Trachelitis inflammation of the cervix uteri. (antiquated term for cervicitis)
Tuberculosis an infectious bacterial disease characterized by the growth of nodules (tubercles) in the tissues, especially the lungs.
Visceral of or relating to the viscera (The soft internal organs of the body, especially those contained within the abdominal and thoracic cavities. The intestines)
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