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Oral Quiz #3

Medical Terminology

Acromegaly abnormal growth of the hands, feet and face, caused by overproduction of growth hormone by the pituitary gland.
Splenomegaly abnormal enlargement of the spleen.
Lymphoid of, relating to, or denoting the tissue responsible for producing lymphocytes and antibodies. This tissue occurs in the lymph nodes, thymus, tonsils, and spleen, and dispersed elsewhere in the body.
Carcinoma a cancer arising in the epithelial tissue of the skin or of the lining of the internal organs.
Sarcoma a malignant tumor of connective or other non-epithelial tissue.
Arteriosclerosis the thickening and hardening of the walls of the arteries, occurring typically in old age.
Dermatosis a disease of the skin, especially one that does not cause inflammation
Adenopathy the enlargement of lymph nodes anywhere in your body. (also called lymphadenopathy)
Myopathy a disease of muscle tissue
Leukopenia a reduction in the number of white cells in the blood, typical of various diseases.
Hysteropexy surgical fixation of a displaced uterus
Mastopexy surgical fixation of a pendulous breast
Lithotripsy a treatment, typically using ultrasound shock waves, by which a kidney stone or other calculus is broken into small particles that can be passed out by the body.
Created by: gsmackay