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Vocab Lists 6-10

Cryptic having a hidden or mysterious meaning
Antipathy feeling of intense dislike or hatred
Surplus a quantity that is more than is needed
Sedate calm, quiet, or composed
Contraband prohibited or illegal items
Fraudulent deceitful; deliberately using trickery to achieve something
Epistle a long, instructive letter
Indiscreet lacking good judgement; rude; offensive
Autonomy independence or freedom of will
Errant deviating from the regular or proper course
Transcend to go beyond; exceed
Inquisition harsh, difficult, and prolonged questioning
Mutable constantly changing; fickle
Exalted raised or elevated
Appease to satisfy or relieve
Deride to mock or laugh at in contempt
Tenable capable of being held, maintained, or defended; against dispute
Reprobate without morals; a person without morals
Demented insane; mentally ill
Platitude a flat or dull remark; a cliche
Sacrilege the violation of anything held to be sacred
Dissemble to give a false or misleading appearance; conceal the truth
Sanctimonious showing religious devotion or piety that is usually false
Matronly having the qualities of a dignified, strong, mature woman
Extemporaneous done without advanced preparation; off-the-cuff
Philander to have many amorous affairs or flitations
Artifice trickery, craftiness
Caustic harsh, bitter, or sarcastic in tone
Circumscribe to restrict
Counterintuitive different from what one would expect
Laborious requiring much work, effort, or preseverance
Elucidate to make something clear or easy to understand
Delude to cause someone to believe something that is not true
Magnanimous characterized by a kind or generous nature
Mediocre of middle quality
Melancholy a sad mood or feeling
Commemorate to call to remembrance, usually through a ceremony or observance
Renege to go back on a promise or commitment
Nominal in name only
Novel different from anything seen or known before
Rancid having a rank, unpleasant smell or taste
Insatiable incapable of being satisfied or appeased
Pathos sympathy or pity
Expeditious prompt and efficient
Deportment a person's behavior or manners
Imputation accusation or insultation
Querulous characterized by complaining and whining
Ruse an attempt (or action) meant to deceive someone
Rapt completely fascinated
Compulsory required by law or rule
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