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8- La Salud II

8- La Salud II - ¿Cómo te sientes?

el dolor the ache
doler expressing when something hurts
tener dolor de to have an ache
tener dolor de cabeza to have a headache
tener dolor de espalda to have a back ache
tener dolor de estómago to have a stomach ache
tener dolor de garganta to have a throat ache or soar throat
tener dolor de muelas to have a tooth ache
tener dolor de oído to have an ear ache
tener calor to be hot
tener energía to have energy
tener escalofríos to have the chills
tener fiebre to have a fever
tener frío to be cold
tener gripe to have the flu
tener nauseas to be nauseous
tener sueño to be sleepy
tener tos to have a cough
tener un resfriado/catarro to have a cold
tener una cortada to have a cut
tener una temperatura alta to have a (high) temperature
estar to be
estar cansado to be tired
estar contento to be content
estar enfermo to be sick
estar mareado to be dizzy
despachar to dispatch
estornudar to sneeze
guardar cama to stay in bed
hacer una cita to make an appointment
llamar al médico/doctor to call the doctor
quedarse en cama to stay in bed
recetar to perscribe
sentirse to feel
sufrir de to suffer from
toser to cough
vomitar to vomit
dormir to sleep
hacer ejercicios to excercise
mantener una dieta saludable to maintain a good diet
creer que to believe that
deber should/ought to
pensar que to think that
la diagnosis the diagnosis
la receta médica the perscription
la salud health
el síntoma the symptom
Created by: jdrawert8
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