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Flavin MCS107 ch 49

Flavin MCS107 ch 49 Surgical 2018

topical anesthetic spray A ___ is an ethyl chloride spray, a vapo-coolant that controls pain associated with minor surgical procedures, such as lancing boils or incision and drainage of small abscesses, by causing localized freezing of the affected area.
epinephrine For surgery on highly vascular areas, local anesthetics containing ___may be used. It also minimizes local bleeding.
vasoconstriction Epinephrine causes ___at the site, which keeps the anesthetic in the tissues longer, prolonging its effect.
tissue adhesives Some of the advantages of ___ include: Saves time-Eliminates the need for suture removal-better cosmetic outcomes-helpful in pediatric patients or individuals afraid of needles
Absorbable suture ___: Dissolved by the body’s enzymes during the healing process.
Silk ___is a common nonabsorbable suture material because it is strong and easy to tie.
Surgical sponges ___used to absorb blood and protect tissues during surgery.
Syringes and needles ___used to inject local anesthetics and irrigate wounds
ultrasonic device, Mechanical washing, such as with an ___ can be used for most instruments and is an especially good method for sanitizing sharp instruments to prevent injuries.
Sterilized iodoform gauze strips ___ ¼ inch to 2 inches wide and impregnated with iodoform iodine used to pack abscesses to act as a wick to draw out the infection; also used as a local antibacterial agent
Nasal specula Instrument used to open the nostrils.
Vaginal speculum Used during pap smears to obtain samples from the cervix, endocervix or vagina.
atraumatic Needles are manufactured with the suture material attached, or swaged, to the needle. These ___needles because the decrease the diameter of the hole.
taper needle Is used on delicate tissues.
Cutting edge _____needle is used on tougher skin.
Nonabsorbable suture ___ is left in the wound until healing is complete. Usually on superficial areas.
size The diameter of the suture strand determines its ____.
above 0 Larger gauges are numbered _____.
Antiseptic Used to cleanse the pt and prep the site to be operated on. This reduces the number of pathogens.
Surgical instruments _____ are classified according to their use as cutting, grasping, retracting, or probing/dilating tools.
Pathology All tissues removed or biopsied from the pt are sent to the ___laboratory for analysis.
Retracting ___instruments hold tissue away from the surgical wound (incision).
Minor surgery room is aka Procedure room
Sterilized iodoform gauze impregnated with iodine and use to pack abscesses to act as a wick to draw out the infection. AKA local antibacterial agent.
Are there disposable speculums? Yes
Created by: Iteach4Docs