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Vocabulary CLTTH8

words from readings 2-13 and 20

simile a comparison of two unlike things using LIKE or AS
drowsy ready to fall asleep
revitalize to make someone or something energetic again
turmoil confusion
premiere the first performance of a play or showing of a film
metaphor a comparison of two unlike things
personification giving human qualities to a thing
syncopated having a rhythm that stresses the weak beats instead of the strong beats
mellow pleasantly rich, full, or soft : not harsh, bright, or irritating
ebony black
defer put off to a later time
predecessor someone or something that comes before
rickety not strong or stable and likely to break
massive large, heavy; very serious
highly regarded two words well-respected
drone a deep, continuous sound
elevate to lift, to raise or to improve
melancholy sad
weary tired
onomatopoeia a written sound; the use of words that represent sounds
launch to shoot into the air; to begin
uproot to pull out of the ground; to make someone move
poet laureate two words- the official poet of the country
flowering blooming or developing
croon to sing in a soft, low voice
dub give someone a name or title
derive to take or get from
premier most important, best
dialect form of a language that is spoken in a particular area and that uses some of its own words, grammar, and pronunciations
collaborate to work together
inspire encourage, motivate to do something, to be the cause of, to fill with ideas, to influence, to fill someone with the desire to do something, to greater effort, enthusiasm, or creativity
Created by: murmansk