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C4:Risk & Explore

Academic and Critical Vocabulary

complex consisting of many interwoven parts that make something difficult to understand.
potential capable of doing or being something something; having possibility.
rely to depend on something or someone for support, help, or supply.
stress to put emphasis on something.
valid convincing or having a sound reason for something
metabolism all the processes that allow for growth and life.
impairment an injury or weakness.
impetus the driving force or motivation behind an action.
tedious something that is boring
endurance ability to withstand difficulties over time.
surveillance close observation
legitimate logical
diplomat a person appointed b ya government to interact with other government.
sustain remain in existence
steward a person who supervises and manages something.
exploit using something selfishly.
cache an amount of something that has been hidden away.
geyser a natural hot spring that shoots hot water and steam into the air.
meager it is small or deficient in quality
tectonic the deformation of Earth's rocky crust.
decompose decay and break down into their basic parts.
skimming gliding across water.
pronounced observable, evident
lethal deadly
epicurean enjoyment of food.
toxicology study of poisons
Created by: Ms.Figueroa